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1. IMMMUN Chapter 7
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
... multiple scales, we can see how the brain processes raw sensory information into complex thought—from raw binary, to mechanical motion, through mapping, visualization, stories and words, to full ...
... introversion are typically viewed as a single scale implying 'either/or', and Jung's background theory is largely ignored. Thus, to be high in one it is necessary to be low in the other, and we are assessed ...
3. Foundations
(Workshop/Pillars Of Nobility)
  Foundations   It was late at night. Sitting on an old stone bench ideally situated a few meters above my house, in a shallow depression of the rocky shouldering ridge it was built upon, ...
4. Passages in the Void
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
... shipbody near it would risk damage or contamination. We needed to build robots of a suitable scale to approach it and, hopefully, to enter it via whatever accessways existed. But other than the artifact ...
5. Listen to COMP~Position
  COMP~Position by Le Scal 2004-2008   The COMP~Position is a position of the mind, and it is at the same time the position, the structure, the function, the state, the frequency and ...
6. We Were There, Dudes!
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
... or otherwise, to bring it to fruition.     Slot 03 - “The Awakening of Detti” by Le Scal Observer: Tine Main character: Detti Location and Date: South ...
7. For Newbies
(FAQs/General Issues)
... if you wonder where the heck did go the spirit of rock'n'roll, then we recommend you to listen to COMP~Position (Le Scal's debut album, 100% "home blend") that you will find in the workshop section. ...
8. Resources
... to perform would be: to connect." Le Scal - Sola 83, the 91st.     This is a place for miscellaneous resources storage, 'cause we all need some kind of attic or cave or ...
9. CL Programming
"Layers and iterations, that's pretty much what it's all about, yunno..." - Le Scal If you want to learn how to program computers nowadays, this is the place for you to start with. Today's tools have ...
10. COMP~Position
  COMP~Position is Le Scal's debut album, inspired by Alex's COMP process, that approaches different aspects of neurohacking by a spiritual, allegorical, and musical angle.    ...