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1. Toxins in food - Aspartame - info 1981-2013
(Neurohacking/Lifestyle & Nutrition)
... Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.  tells us crosses the blood brain barrier to interfere and kill the neurotransmitters of the brain by “exciting them to death.”  (“Excitotoxins: The ...
2. WARNING: Mannitol
... now being used as a sweetener in 'diet' products and in processed foods, and as a 'piggyback' molecule to get medications across the blood brain barrier. For those with bronchial problems already or ...
    Anatomy, Physiology & Brain Networks: The Basics   (This article is complementary material to Tutorial 1)   Anatomy and physiology is about what bits of your brain ...
... the blood brain barrier. The hypothalamus is bounded in part by specialized brain regions that lack an effective blood-brain barrier; and this makes it a prime target for hacking (the blood-brain barrier ...