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1. La Communauté Neuropirate
(FAQs/General Issues - French (Fr))
Récemment, quelqu'un demandait à un de nos vieux amis: "Que veulent les gens ?" Et il a dit: "Les gens veulent se sentir bien. Elles veulent progresser en appréciant la vie et elles-mêmes ...
2. IMMMUN chapter 5
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
...  levity (playfulness, mirth, light-heartedness, cheerfulness, high spirits, joviality, amusement, humor)  ...
3. Sakiro's Hackipedia Volume 2
... 'mirth' is a core emotion. It's a good one to start with, because most of us already know what it feels like to experience amusement. Plus you can always ask a friend to tickle you. Learn what things ...
... a martial art; and we have come to think if n-hacking as a way of life, rather than a hobby or an amusement. To make a noticeable difference, it should take you no more than a month to explore each tutorial. ...