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1. IMMMUN chapter 3
(Workshop/Stuff by Members)
... junk food on your birthday, going to the gym or binge drinking once a month isn't going to permanently change the expression of anybody's genome, because behavioral triggers rely on regular repetition ...
2. Alcohol - Intellect & alcohol use
(Neurohacking/Drugs & Chemicals)
... consumption in the Add Health data include the frequency of binge drinking (drinking five or more units of alcohol in one sitting) and the frequency of getting drunk.   That such behavior is detrimental ...
    Neurohacking Tutorial 8 Imagination, Memory and Prediction (Updated: Feb 2012)   In this tutorial we’ll look at memory and prediction, exploring further the multiple ...
4. ICMM 18 Troubleshooting (problems & solutions)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... interferes with new memory formation, particularly facts such as names, numbers, and events, such as what you did two days ago. It also interferes with recall. Binge drinking particularly can cause permanent ...