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"He said with all his years there's still so much he has to learn,

and once again, I saw that it was so." - Wise Man by Uriah Heep



In the realm of neurohacking, there are no actual "Masters", nor "Padawans", every one is pretty much in the same shit, yunno... and every one has something to teach to and to learn from the others. Now, of course, experience does matter, and it's hopeful, it means your efforts will pay one day or another. But there is no destination, enjoying the journey in itself is one of the core principles of the neurohacker. And those who might appear as masters to the beginner, still consider themselves as students of the universe. Every second has something to teach us about the world.

Tutorials in this section will guide you through your own journey, a journey in which your mind will be your only master, Captain. Remember that, if we "can show you the door, you're the one who has to go through it"...


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Neurohacking Tutorial 14 - Intellect, formal language and declarative memory 26.08.2015 NHA 33514
Neurohacking Tutorial 15 - Morality, Judgment and Decisions 13.11.2015 NHA 24067
Neurohacking Tutorial 16 -Working memory & Executive functions 12.02.2016 NHA 18170
Neurohacking Tutorial 17 - Biopsychology and Belief 12.06.2016 NHA 17946
Neurohacking Tutorial 18 - Intelligence, Consciousness and Comprehension 22.11.2016 NHA 20354
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