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Neurohacking Tutorial 6 - Association, Perception and Learning
The Learning Cycle & Perception
What Happens if Things Go Wrong
COMP & Natural Learning
NHA Guide to Methods & Technology
The Most Important Bits to Remember
Hacks & Exercices
Notes, References & Answers
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Towards Entelechy


Whenever something makes you panic, you probably haven’t perceived it clearly.

-To enter into an unpredictable situation and accept it openly is to flow with its energy, be augmented in your own energy, and relax its tensions and stresses accordingly.

To interact with a high-stress situation means to have the ability to accept the stress. Ability in this sense is the same as the ability to lift a heavy object or run up a flight of stairs. Stress-relaxation is an ability of mind/brain, and muscular-mindedness must be developed, just as body musculature must be developed. This takes discipline, and true discipline comes from within.

The successful intelligence knows, and is able to act on the knowledge, that the life principle of stress-relaxation is inviolate, just as the atom holds its fantastic stresses in a relaxed balance. The strong intelligence knows that stress must create its own relaxation when the natural mind-brain-body process of interaction is allowed to unfold, just as surely as the laws of physics and chemistry work.

A fully developed intelligence is one that knows, and can act accordingly, that no matter how stringent or apparently destructive some opposing force may seem to be, the stretch-relax principle must hold. By interacting with the force or event, its energy must augment our own and give us defense against any destructive elements within that situation. All we must do, is trust the power of intelligence and dare to believe in reality.




The Most Important Bits to Remember

For You

Your own biological intent, “the built-in motivation present in every life-form to develop its potential to the fullest extent possible and become as adaptable as possible”.

Against You

Being driven by the intentions of others and directed or coerced into 'learning' anything for any reason will cause incongruity.


About perception

Concepts are things that are already in our database, whether they were hard wired or have been acquired via experience. They are stored in graphic format.

Percepts are derived from incoming data and presented for comparison with database contents for interpretation and recognition.

Perception relies on the percept having enough similarity to known concepts to be categorized and given meaning by imagination.


Natural Learning process mnemonic:





Practice & variation


Natural learning is moving from the known into the unknown and safely back again; a process of stretch-relaxation. Whenever we initiate this process we are in 'growth mode', in the green zone, and going in the right direction.


Concrete to abstract

The brain uses the same networks for both abstract and concrete skills, and if you build up a network with any skill, the associated mental skills will improve at the same time -they can't do anything else!


Habit and learning

Unless we continue to learn new things, which challenges our brains to create new pathways, they literally begin to atrophy, which may result in dementia, Alzheimer's and other brain diseases. Continuously stretching ourselves mentally can even help us lose weight, according to one study. Researchers who asked folks to do something different every day — listen to a new radio station, for instance — found that their cortisol levels decreased and they lost and kept off excess weight without doing any physical exercise.

Some of the following hacks are designed to make you more aware of how perception works. The exercises below them are to improve network function.



If you got a low ‘Whole brain percentage’ score and/or a high ‘N’ score for networks 1&2, you need to do the exercises that you will find at the end of this tutorial. If you got a high ‘O’ score for networks 1&2, you need to do the hacks that come next in this tutorial.



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