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The Alien Shore

[Dedicated to my dear brother in minds: Alex Ramonsky]

I woke up this morning, upon my hair a soft breeze was blowing

I looked up to the sky and couldn't believe my eyes, my nose, my ears,

I was lying on a beach, on the horizon a couple of suns were rising

Behind me was a jungle as I had never seen in my whole years

And then I heard it: Welcome to the Alien Shore!

I looked back and forth to find the source of those peculiar greetings

The whole beach was deserted, and nothing really seemed to be right

Nobody was to be seen and I began to think that I was dreaming

But once again I heard it, clear as a star in an endless night

I heard it closer this time: Welcome to the Alien Shore!

It was a weird kind of guy you expect to come out of the Matrix

With a long black leather coat and black glasses across the face

He was talking about our brains, and all those things we need to fix

He told me how I managed to come up to this very special place

And he said again: Welcome to the Alien Shore!

He said: you've seen a lot of things and you haven't been afraid to dig them

You see them clearly now, you gnawed them down to their very core

You know you got the need, you got intent and the power to use them

But when you speak about them now, nobody understands you anymore

That's why I tell you, my friend: Welcome to the Alien Shore!

He said: come up to the lab to see what's on the slab in my basement

You will see lots of friendly colors, and we might even drink a bit of wine;

This shore is not a place where you're likely to ever be a resident

But I like to come here - once in a while - to look for people who shine

Well, people like you, dude: Welcome to the Alien Shore!

Since then we've been friends, and as it's said: until the bitter end!

We fly high together over our tortured world's dirty meadows

Seeking out the brightest lights with which our minds could blend

And never doubt about the number of cords of our mental bows...

And we bade together farewell to the Alien Shore!

Farewell to the Alien Shore!

Farewell to the Alien Shore!

Farewell to the Alien Shore!

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