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Neurohacking - Disorders & Problems
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Domingo 28 de Febrero de 2010 01:48
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Disorders & Problems - Introduction to This Section
General Nervous System Disorders
Brain Disorders
Mental Health Disorders
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Introduction to Disorders and Problems

When things go wrong with the brain they tend to go wrong with the mind. Even a headache or fatigue will reduce your cognitive abilities. This section is about some of the ways in which the brain and nervous system can go wrong, what causes them, how you can take steps to avoid them and what you can do if you already have them.

What we don’t cover here is the ‘overall’ situation; that is to say, there is an overall lifestyle you can adopt that will protect you from all these problems, and tests to assess your mental functions, but that’s the topic of the main neurohacking tutorials. In this problems section, you can learn what to do if things have already gone wrong, or learn about the kind of things that can go wrong. Problems are described in the list below along with their causes, symptoms, and possible kinds of treatments.


Also see:

The library section Methods & Technology has information about therapy techniques as well as methods of neurohacking, methods of brain scanning, and technology used in healing and augmentation.

The library section Drugs & Chemicals has information about medications as well as about neurotransmitters and natural chemicals.

The Weblinks section has links to sites and groups where you can get support, help and advice for various disorders.


The entirety of this information is factual only; it does not endorse or recommend any particular course of medical or other treatment for specific diseases. Every individual is different, and we must all take responsibility for our own health.


For each subject (types of mental problems) in this article, the 'AGLG' section gives you information about the relevance of Age, Gender, Lifestyle and Genetic factors to individual problems)



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