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Neurohacking - Entelechy
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Martes 12 de Agosto de 2008 13:17
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Intelligence Archetypes


If we look at the archetypes, intelligence has 3 presentations:

  • The Godhead: intelligence as universal awareness, creator of all things, everywhere and in every thing
  • The Son: individual intelligence as a human example
  • The Spirit: the act of trying to follow or aligning with the program itself (or yet, the "Tune" in Zeppelinian allegorical language)


These could be contemporarily called:

  • Universal Intelligence: god
  • Intelligence: in humans -a living example of intelligence, like (theoretically) Jesus, Mohammed or  the Buddha
  • Entelechy: doing things in the spirit of intelligence -the 'holy spirit'


You will find this everywhere, described according to various 'maps' of reality: the triple spiral or any kind of "three-legged" symbols or "triskelion" (as our logo), yin / yang and unity, father / son and holy ghost,  left / right and center, nature / nurture and intent, mother goddess / son or daughter of light and nature spirits, Brahma / Siva and Visnu, master / student and area of study, wizard / apprentice and the path, blue / red and green, white / black and gray...


Ultimately: good input / power (inspiration, motivation) and safe space (in which to grow).


To 'inspire' is to breath in the spirit. You know, like: "the spirit of rock'n'roll, dude!!"

When all three bond, they become one; they form a matrix (and the whole is more than the sum of its parts).


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