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Écrit par Scalino   
Samedi, 04 Septembre 2010 00:31
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Dear and highly regarded dudes,

coming back from a stay at the UK Embassy, I'm feeling like providing you with a slight adaptation of some old british verses, written as the opening tune of a really groovy (even if a bit geeky) BBC series of the 70s (early 80s in France), called "Here Come the The Double Deckers", and following the adventures of a lighthearted "school-dodging" gang of youngsters, spending their days in a disused and elegantly customized double decker London bus.

The buoyant and mischievous spirit of these younglins will linger in my memory as one of my eternal shining beacons over the dark ocean we're sailing on. Their opening anthem-like theme has a cool touch and great lyrics that didn't require a lot of modifications to fit our own community's spirit. I warmly recommend youtubing it, of which opening credits and even some episodes are accessible, besides it is said that a DVD (with all the 17 episodes produced) should be released in October this year (and anyway, *cough* *cough*, remember there might be other means to find them...).

And it goes like this:


Get on board! Get on board!

Come and play with the neurohackers,

Take a ticket for a journey

On the neurohackers magic bus!


Ring the bell! Toot the horn!

When you ride with the neurohackers,

Fun and laughter is what we're after

On a freakin' loony neurohackers bus!


You can consider this as a token of gratitude towards the spirit of our community being applied in real life situations (from the best to the very worst...), which is what Homeworld is all about.

Have fun dudes!

PS: And never forget "The Glade"...

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