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Atelier - COMP~Position
Écrit par Le Scal   
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[Original text by Charles Baudelaire; adaptations to the original text are in italic]


Above ponds, above valleys,

Mountains, woods, clouds and seas,

Way beyond the sun, way beyond aethers,

Way beyond the limits of spangled spheres,

My spirit, you move with agility,

And as a good swimmer in swoon over waters,

You gaily furrow the deep immensity

With an unspeakable and male delight.

I'm just searching for a little bit of elevation...

Fly far away from these morbid miasmas;

Go and purify yourself in superior air,

And drink, like pure and divine liquor,

The clear fire that fills such limpid spaces.

Singing: La la la la la, and di doo di doo dam di doo dam dam...

That's what I'm talking about, babe: a little bit of elevation...

Behind troubles and vast sorrows

That load with their weight our daily haze,

Happy the one who can with a vigorous wing

Soar towards luminous and serene fields;

The one whose thoughts, as skylarks,

Towards skies in the morning take a free flight,

- Who hovers over life, and effortlessly understands

The language of flowers and silent things!

I'm just asking for a little bit of elevation...