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Neuropiraterie - Les Bases
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Inner Life: Interaction in Our Thoughts, Beliefs, Attitudes and Opinions

Our inner mental behavior is just as susceptible to nonuse or wronguse thoughts and beliefs, and just as responsive to interaction (yes you can interact with yourself –just adopt the core conditions when you think about yourself!)

The thing about thoughts and beliefs is that the brain responds chemically to all of them, conscious or unconscious, fact or fiction. Our brain chemistry deeply affects our behavior and awareness. The brain responds to all signals. And all thoughts are like little emails with chemical attachments. In the attachments are hormones, and the input-processing parts of the mind open all attachments that come from your own brain, because why shouldn't it? (After all, you don't want it labeling half your perception as "spam, delete".)

We can have nonuse conscious thoughts or beliefs, such as: "Ooh, I don't think we should interfere..." "After all, what can we do?" "Don't rock the boat" "I daren't do that" "I might as well not bother; who cares?" "Whatever would other people think?" "We're just the little people", "Not at my age", and so on....And we can also have nonuse UNnconscious beliefs of the same nature, (that we're not aware of).

The hormonal attachments to nonuse thoughts, conscious or unconscious, have long complicated names like adrenocorticosterone which don't help your understanding of interaction at all so we'll just call them "nonuse hormones".

All hormones cause bodily changes, and they cause emotions or feelings that we perceive (although we may not also be conscious of the bodily changes, sometimes we are). Nonuse hormones change the body and brain chemistry in a way that makes us very tired, fatigued and weary (burnout), makes us feel like victims; like we cannot cope, or numbs us out. It is very difficult to think clearly or even to be bothered to think. Anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure) increases, and we stop really caring about anything, including ourselves. Nonuse thoughts usually stem from an attitude of helplessness or indifference.

If you inject a rat with these hormones it becomes a lazy, slothful, scruffy animal which does little else but feed itself. It won't play with toys and it won't explore. It becomes totally apathetic, or depressed, or both. The world appears uninteresting in the extreme. If given the choice, it will continually take morphine, cocaine or alcohol, and becomes addicted.

Such animals reproduce less often and avoid each other most of the time, and fail to nurture successful litters that are born. Their brain chemistry causes faulty gene transcription and they suffer respiratory diseases, immune deficiency and cancers, become senile at an early age and then die through self-neglect unless there is intervention.

Wronguse beliefs have led to a lot of 'famous last words,' such as, "I believe all the bears that came in here went out again... -I didn't really take much notice -aaaaaaagh!" or "Ah, sit down, there's no problem...they couldn't hit a planet at this dist..." or most often, "Oh shit."

Wronguse thoughts and beliefs are such things as "They should jolly well do as I say!" "Respect my authority!" "It's their fault!" "You're going out with me now, and therefore should do what I want!" "You have to tell people what to do or things have no sense of structure!" "It's for your own good!" "I am never wrong!". Wronguse thoughts often end with exclamation marks (and are often voiced loudly and dictatorially, or in upper case in emails), and betray an underlying attitude of assumed self-superiority, arrogance and authoritarianism.

Wronguse thoughts and beliefs lead to conflict, rows, resistance (action-reaction), resentful children, war, estranged friends, chronic stress and divorce.

Rats injected with wronguse hormones squabble, fight, posture, bully and dominate. On a long term basis (constantly on the hormones) they rape and kill each other, setting up a society of 'Might is Right' and Aggressively crafty/deceitful/greedy is what is Respected. They attack or run from anything new or unexpected. They reproduce at a normal rate but mistreat (and sometimes eat) their young, and many of them of course also die in fights. The survivors again suffer faulty gene transcription, also take readily to drugs and also suffer early senility, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart and lung disorders and cardiovascular diseases.

Interaction thoughts are things like, "right, how can I solve this then?" "something new...let's have a look..." "I wonder whether there's a safer way to catch dinner?" "Hey, if I can find something that floats, I can..." and, on the whole, "I wonder...?" type of thoughts. Interaction thoughts often end with question marks, followed by more interaction thoughts that answer them.

These events lead to the development of new ideas, rational arguement, exploration, inventions, and solutions to problems.

The hormonal attachments to thoughts of an interactive nature trigger the emotions of excitement, interest, inspiration, alertness, friendliness and attraction. They change the body in a way that makes us energetic and attentive, creative, imaginitive, able to concentrate, and ready to learn. The end result of this is behavior beneficial to survival and adaptation, but, for us personally, the end result (also caused hormonally) is happiness, and later a relaxed and satisfied calm. Proper sex is an interactive event and that's why it should make you feel relaxed and fulfilled afterwards.

Rats injected with interaction hormones literally grow new brain cells (you can see this online under a digital microscope), which makes sense if the organism is preparing to learn/learning. They have high self confidence and perform well in tests and games. They play with each other and with their young, and at all ages remain inquisitive, learn fast and want to explore. They are a real pain in the ass to work with because they escape a lot more often than other lab rats. They are sociable and not aggressive unless threatened. The world appears interesting and exciting, and also satisfying.

They live long, healthy lives, have a strong immune system and reproduce successfully and often. (Fascinatingly, if you allow them to become overcrowded, a greater percentage of the population becomes homosexual and the birth rate drops). They do not go senile. And while they're happy to try drugs, or indulge now and again, they do so rarely and don't become addicted.

Nonuse and wronguse hormones are anxiety hormones. Anxiety hormones push the point that if you take life too seriously, the first life it will take is your own.





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