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Homeworld - Introductive Material
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If your life seems like a fight,

You seek a way to make it right

Dawn's breaking, you wake up, refreshed;

For the very first time of your life

You feel calm, confident, at peace,

You know that everything is as it should be.

The struggle has ended, you are home...

Outside the window, the sun is shining,

Birds are chirping all around;

Someone is playing guitar under the willow tree.

You remember - with growing wonder -

That you'll never have to feel anxious again.

Fear, doubt, and disbelief

Cannot abide in this place.

Real life begins at last!

If your society or nation

Seems like a badly written simulation,

Come sailing in sane company

Towards the goal - autonomy -

The practice of entelechy,

Lighthearted friends exploring synergy.

An ultimate adventure it is

A voluntary move to be living

The continuum of being

We believe life is.


So, welcome to Homeworld! Brother or sister,

Please help yourself, and tell us the story of your journey...