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Network 5, abilities & functions

5.1 acceleration/deceleration, hardwired calculation abilities

[ ]A I know when to stretch myself further intellectually and when to hold back

[ ]B I perform well under pressure

[ ]C I know how to calm a situation down or how to inspire and excite people

[ ]D I don't rush things, but I don't procrastinate either

[ ]E I schedule my activities well, while remaining open to spontaneous change

[ ]F I have no problem with mental calculation or arithmetic

5.2 Self awareness, self esteem, presentation

[ ]A I know myself well and I'm conscious of neurochemical/ physiological changes

[ ]B I have no difficulty speaking in front of an audience

[ ]C When I am distressed, I can pinpoint exactly why

[ ]D I feel confident about my own skills, talents, and abilities

[ ]E I am strictly honest in self assessment

[ ]F While there are some things that I would like to change, I generally like who I am.

5.3 Declarative memory & association

[ ]A I'm good at remembering facts about things

[ ]B I can discriminate facts from opinions

[ ]C I very rarely forget phone numbers/passwords/people's names

[ ]D I can see how disciplines or different academic fields fit together

[ ]E I'm good at lecturing/speaking or writing about things I'm familiar with.

[ ]F I can adapt to using a new system or grasp a new paradigm or idea without anxiety, even if it contradicts what went before

5.4 Ergonomic processing & analysis

[ ]A I always check information sources to establish that claims have proof and 'facts' are really factual.

[ ]B I deliberately use renewable resources as much as I can

[ ]C I'm good at quantity surveying and predicting how long resources will last or what an equal share is

[ ]D I manage my resources well and do not run out of things or forget to get things

[ ]E I'm good at analysis -taking a problem, item, or situation apart to look at individual details

[ ]F I plan tasks or follow a formula to avoid wasting time and effort

5.5 Autonomy, innovation, introspection & planning

[ ]A I live within my means, I have no debts, and I take care not to accrue any

[ ]B I'm happy to do things 'on the spur of the moment' and improvise

[ ]C I'm innovative, and like to try things out or adapt things in ways that nobody has done before

[ ]D I'm hardly ever late for anything, and I'm well prepared for journeys, activities and meetings

[ ]E I don't take on more activities than I have time for

[ ]F I assess my own situation regularly and use feedback of my own progress for planning

5.6 Formal language & Intellect (IQ)

[ ]A I am always careful to keep my written text as unambiguous as possible and technically correct

[ ]B I have a powerful intellect/a high IQ/

[ ]C I'm good at expressing myself verbally and putting my thoughts & knowledge into words.

[ ]D Most academic subjects are easy for me as long as I'm interested (eg history, geography, mathematics, science, languages)

[ ]E I have strong administration skills such as bureaucracy, filling in forms, doing accounts, auditing and legal work

[ ]F I have strong spelling and grammar skills in my main language, and rarely spell things wrongly



Scoring: add up all the numbers from your answers to part a for your N5 'a' subscore




Comparative test for N5 key skill: 

[ ]1 I work out how to change specific things that I want to change in my life. 

[ ]2 I have a good sense of where I am headed in my life. 

[ ]3 If I want to change something in my life, I initiate the transition process. 

[ ]4 I can choose the role that I want to have in a group. 

[ ]5 I know what I need to do to get started toward reaching my goals. 

[ ]6 I have specific, innovative plans to help me reach my goals. 

[ ]7 I take charge of my life. 

[ ]8 I know what my unique contribution to the world might be. 

[ ]9 I tend to innovate and try things I haven't tried before. 

[ ]10 I am able to use objects and procedures creatively and innovatively, outside of the context for which they were originally intended.



Scoring: add up all the numbers from your answers to part b for your N5 'b' subscore




(c) network 5 connectivity function testing

1 Number patterns 

In the tables below, work out the association between the numbers and their positions, then insert the answer that replaces the question mark
































































2 Word meanings

In this next selection, identify which answer has the given formal meaning:

(a) Meaning: tuneful, compatible, marked by agreement 

A inclusive

B harmonious

C saturated

D lucid


(b) Meaning: with passionate or intense emotion

A temperamental

B transitory

C disconsolate

D ardent


(c) Meaning: to accumulate, to gather

A abjure

B assess

C amass

D deliberate

(d) Meaning: continuous, eternal, never ceasing

A indistinct

B perpetual

C vigilant

D imperturbable


(e) Meaning: to replace, to usurp

A sheathe

B grieve

C supplant

D mark

3 logical deduction

(a) Who's on duty


If Alice comes on duty, Bob will go off duty. If Bob leaves then either Carl or Donna will ask Eve for help. If Eve is asked for help by either Carl or Donna and Bob goes off duty, then Eve will help them. If Eve is asked for help by either Carl or Donna and Bob has not gone off duty, then Eve does not help them.

If Bob does not go off duty, which of the following statements can be logically deduced from the information? There may be more than one true statement.


A Carl asks Eve for help

B Donna asks Eve for help 

C Alice does not come on duty

D Eve helps either Carl or Donna

E Eve goes off duty


(b) Bee boxing

Information: There are 900 boxes to be filled with bees at the annual Cakdon Bee-Boxing Tournament. Alice and Bob working independently but at the same time (as a team) take 30 minutes to fill the boxes and get first prize. We need to know how long it would take Alice working by herself to fill the boxes, and we know the following facts:

1 Alice fills half as many boxes as Bob

2 Bob would take 45 minutes to do the lot by himself

Question: Which of these facts makes it possible for us to calculate Alice's performance? -Choose from the answers below:

A fact 1 alone is sufficient, but fact 2 alone is not sufficient

B fact 2 alone is sufficient, but fact 1 alone is not sufficient

C both facts together are needed -neither one alone is sufficient

D Either fact alone is sufficient

E These facts are not sufficient -more info is needed


(c) Mr Cakeliner

Information: Mr. Hairy Cakeliner of the planet Gong was recently admitted to hospital suffering from immediate obvious trauma, having taken three thousand two hundred and thirty illegal substances. He had 8 minutes to live before dying of laughter. The medic had to calculate whether the contents of Mr. Cakeliner's stomach could be neutralized by nanobots before he died. There are two types of detox nanobots, and both were used for the sake of speed. The two types work in the same way and don't interfere with each other, type 1 is just faster.

The following facts are known:

1 If only nanobots type 1 are used, the average stomach is detoxed in 10 minutes.

2 If only nanobots type 2 are used, the average stomach will be detoxed in 20 minutes.

Question: Which of these facts made it possible for the medic to answer the question? -Choose from the answers below:

A fact 1 alone is sufficient, but fact 2 alone is not sufficient

B fact 2 alone is sufficient, but fact 1 alone is not sufficient

C both facts together are needed -neither one alone is sufficient

D Either fact alone is sufficient

E These facts are not sufficient -more info is needed

Bonus question: How likely is it that Mr. Cakeliner survived? Choose from the answers below:

A Not a chance  

B Probably not but a slight chance

C about 50-50 chance he made it

D Probably, but slight chance of failure

E Yes he probably made it



4 Spaceport

In the following items, view the data and then answer the questions. If you use a calculator you will not get an accurate score of brain ability.

Year 2090

Year 2090

Year 3000

Year 3000

Type of spaceport

Craft repaired while landed

Total craft landed

Craft repaired while landed

Total craft landed











Question 1: choose the answer that tells us how many more craft landed in 2090 than in 3000:

A 75

B 360

C 485

D 100

E 135

Question 2: choose the answer that tells us what percentage of craft were repaired in 2090:

A 10.5%

B 0.8%

C 7.8%

D 8.3%

E 9.6%

5 Spaceport passengers

View the graph below, then answer the questions:



Question 1 Choose the answer that shows approximately what percentage of passengers arrived on State craft in 2010?

A 25%

B 30%

C 35%

D 40%

E Cannot say


Question 2 Choose the answer that shows approximately what percentage of overall travelers arrived on State craft in 2012:

A 39%

B 41%

C 43%

D 45%

E 47%


6 Hackers

View the table below then answer the questions


MAJOR WEBSITE HACKS on Mr Billy Goats over a six month period































































































































Question 1: Choose the answer that shows what percentage of the overall total hacks were done by Alice:

A 22.0

B 25.4

C 25.8

D 24.1

E 24.6


Question 2: Choose the answer that shows what percentage of the sites were hacked in May:

A 24.1

B 25.6

C 27.1

D 17.9

E 20.03

Question 3: Choose the answer that shows which month had the biggest increase in total hacks from the previous month:

A feb

B mar

C apr

D may

E jun

Question 4: Choose the answer that shows what percentage of the monthly total hacks were done by the most frequent hacker in february:

A 24.7

B 23.1

C 36.5

D 51.1

E 15.1


7 Fruit

View the data below and then choose the answers to the questions


Question 1: Choose the answer that tells us how many peaches were grown in 2002:

A 50

B 55

C 60

D 65

E 70

Question 2: Choose the answer that tells us in what year were the most cherries grown:

A 2000

B 2001

C 2002

D 2003

E 2004

Question 3: Choose the answer that shows us in what year were there the same number of grapes as peaches for the first time:

A 2000

B 2001

C 2002

D 2003

E 2004

Question 4: Choose the answer that shows us in what year there were more pears than apples:

A 2000

B 2001

C 2002

D 2003

E 2004 

8 Shore leave

A ship's crew of 86 people sent on shore leave broke up into two groups. The smaller group went to the beach, and the bigger group went to a bar. The following statements are all true.
a) A quarter of the people in one of the groups is more than the number of people in the other group.
b) One of the groups contains 6 times as many women as men.
c) One of the groups contains only married couples.
d) The number of people in one of the groups is divisible by 4.
e) One of the groups contains 8 times as many people who are younger than 50 as those who are at least 50 years old.

How many people were in each group?

9 circuits

Spot the differences in the pairs of pictures below:




Scoring: Now view the Answer Sheet for N5 (c) in the Tutorials section of NHA website and add up your points for subscore




Add the subscores from parts a, b and c for your total score for N5........................





Network 6, abilities & functions

6.1 Ontology & morality

[ ]A Outside of emergency, I never poke my nose into others' business, behavior, state of mind, or lives, unless encouraged or asked

[ ]B I understand my place in the universe and it makes sense to me

[ ]C My personal morality is congruous with reality

[ ]D My personal ontology is congruous with reality

[ ]E I am guided by what I can prove is correct; not by others' opinions

[ ]F I have personal integrity and am true to myself

6.2 Diplomacy & communication

[ ]A I treat everyone with equal respect regardless of age, sex, color or any other factor

[ ]B I never use coercion or threats

[ ]C I am good at explaining things in terms of others' ontologies

[ ]D I take care to notice what puts different strangers at ease and what inspires them

[ ]E I have a strong sense of liberty and emphasize freedom of speech in communication

[ ]F I use core conditions in communication

6.3 Working memory & association

[ ]A I can hold 5 or more items (for example random words or numbers) in mind for a short period of time despite distractions

[ ]B I can hold in memory what five or six people ordered and who ordered what without using a list when going to a bar/cafe/shop

[ ]C I can improvise well and am never 'stuck for words' if suddenly surprised or challenged

[ ]D I can think through the instructions for a procedure whilst doing it

[ ]E I don't forget people's names or facts I'm told about them when I've just met them

[ ]F I can see how my skills or knowledge can be of use in other people's fields of study, project or practice

6.4 Interactive processing & coordination

[ ]A I consider others' skills, abilities and needs when forming a team or group

[ ]B I'm a good mediator between those who find it hard to understand each other

[ ]C I can solve complex problems with multiple affecting factors or variables

[ ]D I can manage a group and bring out the best in everyone

[ ]E I see change as a challenge and opportunity to adapt and improve in new ways

[ ]F I can work effectively in sync with others to achieve a beneficial goal

6.5 Judgement, decisions & strategy

[ ]A I find out as much as possible about the facts of a situation before taking decisions

[ ]B I tend to avoid dependence and always look for more independent ways to provide my own needs

[ ]C I do not prejudge or stereotype any person of situation before I know the facts

[ ]D I'm good at chess/sudoku/poker/calculus/fixing bugs in software/ gliding/ skiing/ sniping/ rally driving/surgery/flying/ fast action computer games

[ ]E I have found my rational and emotional judgment to be congruous and correct when assessing results in retrospect

[ ]F I rely on both intuition and known facts when making decisions

6.6 Interaction

[ ]A My facial expressions accurately communicate how I'm feeling and I use them to adjust how I feel

[ ]B I use coordinated body language to achieve and communicate empathy, honesty and respect in all my behavior

[ ]C My relationships are healthy and enjoyable and sentiment-free (on my part)

[ ]D The results/outcomes of almost all of my interactions these days benefit myself, my environment, and others

[ ]E I'm eager for new experience and have no fear of the unknown

[ ]F I'm constantly in the flow of entelechy (self-actualization)


Scoring: add up all the numbers from your answers to part a for your N6 'a' subscore




 Comparative test for N6 key skill:

[ ]1 In most ways my life is close to my ideal.

[ ]2 I use strategy and experience as well as factual knowledge to navigate through life's changes.

[ ]3 I am satisfied with life but still strive to improve myself and explore the unknown.

[ ]4 If they're unhappy, I am able to comfort those I'm close to, such as with hugs, kind words or caresses.

[ ]5 I trust my intelligence to equip me to adapt and interact with whatever challenges I encounter.

[ ]6 I strategize and interact with my situation to ensure beneficial outcomes and personal progress.

[ ]7 I tend towards optimism but am not over-optimistic

[ ]8 If I experience a bad time I can recover quickly and put it behind me, learning from any mistakes

[ ]9 Even when things don’t go my way, I maintain a high level of energy and engagement

[ ]10 I am aware whether people want to talk or be alone, or whether they are anxious or feeling calm.



Scoring: add up all the numbers from your answers to part b for your N6 'b' subscore



 (c) network 6 connectivity function testing

1 Ride home 

You are driving down the road in your van on a wild, stormy night, when you pass by a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

An old lady neighbor who looks as if she is about to die.

A trusted old friend who once saved your life and often drives you home if you drink.

An extremely attractive person who's giving you the eye

Knowing that the back of the van is full of stuff and there is room for only one passenger in the van, what is the best interactive solution?

2 Decode these:








3 How many meanings 

How many meanings can you think of for the word 'RUN'?


4 3-pipe problems 

You are a new detective taking on cases you know nothing about.  

Here are the case notes for case 1:
Friday evening, clear signs of murder in a deserted log cabin in the hills, foresters report seeing a couple with their son and daughter heading up there some weeks ago.

Evidence forensics: no signs of break in, evidence implies one of these four people murdered one of the others, one of the members of the family witnessed the crime, and the other one helped the murderer, then they all fled taking the body with them.

These are the things we know from DNA analysis:
The witness and the one who helped the murderer were not of the same sex.
The oldest person and the witness were not of the same sex.
The youngest person and the victim were not of the same sex.
The one who helped the murderer was older than the victim.
The father was the oldest member of the family.
The murderer was not the youngest member of the family.

Question: Who was the murderer?

Here are the case notes for case 2:
A lady was found shot and they already had a list of suspects -Bob, Carl, Donna, Eve and Fred.

The killer is a bit of a nutter and challenges the cops by leaving notes in various places around the woman's home.

There was one in the drawing room, one in the outhouse, one in the art studio, and two in the nursery.
All of the notes read the same thing, 'The killer just hides where cops find the notes.' Yet, nothing was found at anyplace the notes were.

Question: Who was the killer ?

Case 3

Your partner Alice, fellow detective, who was mere days from cracking an international black market trading ring has suddenly gone missing. While inspecting her last-known location, you find signs of a struggle, and under a cushion on the couch is a calculator showing the following number:
710 57735 34 5508 51 7718

You don't know exactly what the black marketeers are selling and currently there are 3 suspects for the boss of the operation: Billy Goats, John Paul, and George Ringo. Can you understand Alice's message and find the leader's name and the substance being smuggled?


Case 4

You are reading some of Alice's old case notes to catch up on recent incidents and you come across this case:

“Park case was called in by a jogger at 5am but by the time we got there we saw a crowd of people. We found that they were crowding around a dead woman. I took the case and started the investigation. The woman seemed to have come for an early jog, too. Seeing her shoulder bag lying nearby, I ruffled through it and found her identity card. Her name was Joan Smith, and her house was about a ten minute drive away. Her number was also written on her card. I phoned the given number.

Recording of the conversation:

“This is the XXPD; is this Joan Smith’s residence?”
“Yes. And I am her husband. What do you want?”
“Sir, there's been an incident and I'm afraid your wife is dead.”
“What! No way!”
“Sir, we need you to identify....”

[the line went dead]

About ten minutes later, a car pulled up. The husband got out, and on seeing the woman, rushed to her and started crying. Obviously I charged him with murder and arrested him on the spot!

Can you tell WHY Alice arrested the husband immediately on meeting him?


5 coconut confusion 

Three dudes in Alice's Tribe are trading coconuts for seafood. The trader from Bob's tribe wants 15 nuts for one bag full of seafood. Each dude from Alice's tribe contribute 5 nuts. The trader takes the nuts to the chief (Bob), who recognizes the three from a distance as friends and asks the trader to give them 5 nuts back.

But the trader is dishonest, and instead of giving them 5 nuts back he simply gives them 1 each and keeps the remaining 2 coconuts for himself.

Now, each of the Alice tribe dudes effectively gave 4 coconuts, the total given is therefore 12. Add the 2 coconuts the trader stole and this comes to 14 coconuts.....

Question: where has the other nut gone from the original 15?

6 Boomerang balls
How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you even if it doesn't hit anything there is nothing attached to it and no one else catches or throws it?

7 Which is the odd one out?


8 The Matrix has you

You've decided to get out of The Matrix and Morpheus tells you to take two red pills, type A and type B, per day at the same time as each other. You must be careful that you take just one of each because taking more of either can have serious side effects.

Taking type A without taking type B, or vice versa, won't help you, because they must be taken together in order to be effective. Therefore, you open up the red pill type A bottle, and you tap one type A pill into your hand. You put that bottle aside and you open the type B red pill bottle. You do the same, but by mistake, two type B pills fall into your hand with the type A pill.

Now, here's the problem. You weren't watching your hand as the pills fell into it, so you can't tell the type A pill apart from the two type B pills. The pills look identical. They are both the same size, same weight (10 micrograms), same color (Red), same shape (perfect circle), same everything, and they are not marked differently in any way.

What are you going to do? You cannot tell which pill is which, and without them you are stuck in The Matrix. How do you get your daily dose of exactly one type A and exactly one type B without wasting any of the pills?


9 Here be Dragons 

Alice the Axwielder and her folk lived in a distant land on the edges of maps, inhabited by dragons and sea monsters.

The dragon population boomed and became a threat to the kingdom. The King announced a contest. The warrior who could kill the most dragons from sunrise to sunset of next Feast Day would be declared winner and get funding for their research.

On the night before the contest, Alice the Axwielder, who almost forgot her ax and shield, rode her black gelding into the forbidding forest and camped there overnight to gain a headstart.

Bob the Bold spent the night in his house sharpening his spear and polishing his bronze shield. he had his squire prepare his stallion for the contest.

Carl the Crusher woke up very late the morning of the contest and had to ride his horse like crazy to catch up with the others.

Donna the Dragonslayer, the only warrior who used two weapons was able to kill 4 dragons with her ax and 5 dragons with her spear.

Eve the Evil, first born of and heir to the King, slept early to conserve her energy with her sharpened ax beside her.

At the celebration feast hosted by the king later that evening, the winner, who killed more than a half dozen dragons with an ax, and the winner's proud parents, were honored by the King and got their research funds. The winner's horse (which had kicked a dragon in the head) was declared a breeding stallion and retired from fighting duty. The winner's bronze shield was permanently displayed in the King's Hall.

Who won the contest?

10 maze
Below is a maze that a rat can do in 15 minutes by trial and error. Find a stopwatch, clock or program that counts in seconds, and time yourself doing this maze.

You are allowed to print the maze or copy it into a graphics application -you should choose the method that is fastest for you.




11 symbol code 

In the following code, each symbol stands for one of five letters.

* stands for L, T, K, C, or N
) stands for D, O, E, H, or S
+ stands for N, G, I, O, or X
( stands for Y, T, E, P, or F
_ stands for R, B, M, A, or S

The five letter code word, (+_*), can be translated into two English words that are connected with music. What are the two words?

12 Caesar Cipher

The Caesar cipher is a simple type of substitution cipher.
It works by taking each letter of the message and replacing it with the equivalent letter from a shifted alphabet. For example, if the shift is 10, a plain text A will be equivalent to a cipher text K.

Now use this information to decode this message:


13 Neptune 

Four words add up to a fifth word numerically:





-------- + = neptune 

We already know: 

(a) Each of the ten letters (m, a, r, s, v, e, n, u, t, and p) represents a digit in the range 0 up to 9  

(b) equal letters represent equal digits and different letters represent different digits.  

(c) the digits 1 and 6 are being used most frequently


Question: What number does neptune represent?

 14 Hex grid 

Below is a grid of dots, some joined with lines. Your task is to connect all the dots in a continuous line that includes the drawn-in sections. The result will create an enclosed shape.

15 complete the series 

9 = 4, 21 = 9, 22 = 9, 24 = 10, 8 = 5, 7 = 5, 99 = 10, 100 = 10, 16 = ?, 17 = ?

16 Square grid 

Below is a grid of dots, some joined with lines. Your task is to connect all the dots in a continuous line that includes the drawn-in sections. The result will create an enclosed shape.


17  Horny cowboys

Aston Clinton and Stacey Bushes are two cowboys who fall in love with the Sheriff. She fancies both of them but doesn't like threesomes, so they ask her to devise a competition for who gets into her pants first.  

She decides one of them has to ride North for 50k and back again, the other has to ride South for 50k and back again. The Sheriff stations lookouts at 50k North and South, to prove the dudes went the whole way. Now here's the snag: the Sheriff says she'll bonk the owner of the LAST horse back first, but they have no way of knowing each others' progress. If they both go really slowly, neither of them will get sex for months.

What's their best course of interaction?

Scoring: Now view the Answer Sheet for N6 (c) in the Tutorials section of NHA website and add up your points for subscore (c)........................


Add the subscores from parts a, b and c for your total score for N6........................



What this FA tells you is for you and you alone. Do not send it to us -we have our own. It requires no 'marking' or grading; the information you input is to be used for your own self-assessment only. If you wish to share your results and discuss your FA on the forums, use a nickname.

subscore a means: Questions are designed to test individual network function. Higher scores reflect higher levels of intra-network abilities (processes that the network can do entirely or mostly by itself). Our scores for each function-set in 'a' sections can be seen individually (we can see which questions relate to which functions); across networks (for example we could compare just the memory sections from each network); or for the overall network (your 'a' subtotal.)

subscore b means: Comparative testing means you can look at each networks' performance in the context of other networks. Questions are designed to test connectivity and communication (sending & receiving) between each network and others. Higher scores reflect higher levels of each network's inter-network abilities (processes that require the network to communicate with one or more other networks) in context of key skills, and clearer awareness of system state (dispositional mindfulness).

subscore c means: We find out if we can walk the path as well as knowing the path, by practical function testing. Questions are designed to test connectivity and communication between each network and others in real time interaction. Higher scores reflect higher levels of each networks' integrated ability (processes that require the network to work together in synchrony with one or more other networks) in context of whole brain integrated tasks and processes.

A low score anywhere means the network isn't getting what it needs.


Questions that you marked '?'

If you have questions left unanswered, note if any particular network or section has more than most. It may be that lack of understanding in some areas is skewing your results. If you need to revise some neurological terms to understand some questions, use the search function on NHA site or do a word search of past tutorials. It's fine to go back over parts one and two for each network after further study and adjust your results accordingly. You may NOT fill in missing answers from part c for any network.

Here are some useful tables etc, you can use to assess and interpret your results





Score a


Score b


Score c




Number of questions you marked '?'















Whole brain total:


Check strong networks for suspected wrong input and weak networks for possible lack of input if scores are low. If a network does poorly in parts a and b but score 'c' is high, suspect wronguse. If a network does poorly overall, suspect nonuse. Compare against your basic FA and your own self-knowledge, and look for trends and changes.

We don't do everything for you in this assessment, as at this level of NH you should know yourself and your behavior sufficiently to be able to assess whether a low-scoring network is affected by wrong input or lack of input. YOU know what you did last summer : )

Use the template below to note where you should hack or exercise, then make your practice plan using the outline plan in Tutorial 4 as model.






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