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  “The Tell Tale Brain” by V. S. Ramachandran   http://www.amazon.com/Tell-Tale-Brain-Neuroscientists-Quest-Makes/dp/0393077829   Reviews of “The Tell Tale Brain” ...
32. Permaculture: the basics
(Homeworld/Permaculture & Self Sufficiency)
... beginners books Permaculture: A Beginner's Guide. Graham Burnett. Land and Liberty, Westcliff On Sea, Essex, England. 2001. 60pp. Permaculture in a Nutshell. Patrick Whitefield. Permanent Publications, ...
... without doing it; indeed you cannot truly understand it without doing it, much like sex, swimming or playing a computer game cannot be learned or understood very effectively just from books. The whole ...
34. Play: Big Pharma
... patients. New York: Nation Books. Moynihan R, Henry D (2006) The fight against disease mongering: Generating knowledge for action. PLoS Med 3: e191. Bell R, Kravitz ...
35. Books: The Nature of Being Human
  Books - The Nature of Being Human From Environmentalism to Consciousness, Harold Fromm ISBN 9780801891298 (2009)   Although the physical relationship between ...
36. Glutamate & Empathy
(Neurohacking/Drugs & Chemicals)
... ‘fantasy’ (FS) taps the tendency to identify with ficticious characters in books and movies but was not used in the current investigation. Construct validity of the IRI scales was supported ...
37. Books: Why We Cooperate
  Books: Why We Cooperate Tomasello, M with Carol Dweck, Joan Silk, Brian Skyrms, Elizabeth Spelke (2009). Boston, MA: MIT Press. 208 p. ISBN (cloth): 978-0-262-01359-8   Review: ...
38. Methods & Technology Intro - Part II: Technology
(Neurohacking/Methods & Technology)
... your own suggestions or audio books. Wild divine The Journey to Wild Divine is a computer game with dozens of biofeedback challenges. You have the mouse in one hand and biofeedback sensors in the other. ...
39. Methods & Technology Intro - Part I: Methods
(Neurohacking/Methods & Technology)
... cost money, but SP can be done like co counselling with a friend or small group, and books are available from libraries that explain the techniques. We'd recommend the Hakomi method: http://www.hakomiinstitute.com/Resources/books.html ...
40. Disorders & Problems - Introduction to This Section
(Neurohacking/Disorders & Problems)
... dislikes tasks that require sustained mental effort (such as story comprehension) Often loses toys, assignments, pens, books, or tools needed for tasks or activities Easily distracted  ...
41. books - Carl Sagan
(Web Links / Resources)
The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God, by Carl Sagan
42. books -Ben Goertzel
(Web Links / Resources)
"The hidden pattern, a patternist philosophy of mind" by AI dude Ben Goertzel
43. Shamanshack
(Web Links / Drugs & Chemicals)
Herbs, plants, info & books ...
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