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Section Guide


  • Basics   ( 22 Articles )

    "The road goes ever on and on" - Bilbo Baggins

    The Lords of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien



    The ABC of neurohacking. All you need to know in order to start on your journey. "Thus it begins!", if I may say...


  • Lifestyle & Nutrition   ( 9 Articles )

    "If the brain doesn't get what it needs, it won't do what you want" - NH Basic Principle



    You might wonder how nutrition has anything to do with mental issues, but this is precisely an aspect of "doing things in the right order". An healthy diet is the path to healthy brain's networks. So, it has everything to do with mental issues...


  • Disorders & Problems   ( 6 Articles )

    "Maybe we're crazy. Probably." - Gnarls Barkley - Crazy



    Joking aside, this is the place to look if you experience mental disorders or problems, and we recommend it even if it's not the case, because this is about what happens when things go wrong. And before setting out on your journey it might be a good idea to know where hazards lie along the path. Symptoms are like hazard warning lights. It's not bad in itself that something goes wrong, it's always better though to be aware of it. By recognizing the symptoms you can deal more adeptly with the cause.

  • Drugs & Chemicals   ( 12 Articles )

    "You smoke too much, Pippin..." - Meriadoc Brandibuck

    The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson



    Useless to blind our eyes in front of reality, chemistry is everywhere. We're living in an environment populated by chemicals; and from the point of view of our brain, reality is first of all chemical. Neurotransmission, cell signaling, metabolism and homeostasis (the way your body works), medications and substances whether they are legal or illegal (e.g: Prozac, amphetamines, sleeping pills, coffee, sugar, cannabis, LSD, etc...), pollution and toxins, the food you eat, all are chemical. Therefore, knowing how all these chemicals are working is an essential part in our understanding of how the brain itself is working.


  • Methods & Technology   ( 11 Articles )

    "Do things in the right order, and let your brain do the job." -  NH popular saying



    If there is any kind of method in neurohacking, it is about aligning with biology's intent in order to allow things to emerge naturaly. Neurohackers don't fight reality by hitting the wall with their heads, they work with the powers in nature, not against them. And the powers in nature include us and our technology.


  • Theory & Research   ( 22 Articles )

    "At the current pace of neuroscience observations and discoveries,

    theory should be updated every day." - Alex Ramonsky



    This is typically one of the main reasons behind this very website. The web is the only media on which we might hope to keep up with the speed of science's progress in this particular domain. So, having a place where theory could be easily updated is a good thing.

    Neuroscience research is a domain in full exponential trajectory, nowadays, and its results - especially through fMRI observations - are often mind-blowing, busting prejudices and false ideas about how the brain works. This section gathers articles at the very edge of discovery...


  • Resources   ( 19 Articles )

    "In the universe, everything could be formalized as a tree or a graph. And I guess it should. I mean, we should...

    Cause you know, in such a perspective, the most elementary and fundamental action to perform would be: to connect."

    Le Scal - Sola 83, the 91st.



    This is a place for miscellaneous resources storage, 'cause we all need some kind of attic or cave or closet to store our stuff, yunno... So, have a peek, you never know what you might find...


  • Entelechy   ( 10 Articles )

    "M'yeah... That's the spirit, dude!" - The NHA



    Technically speaking it is the movement of something towards its actualisation, though we tend to prefer approaching it in more intuitive, more spiritual ways. Here we'll see to show you associations between our vision of entelechy and more traditional ways to describe it, which you might be more acquainted with, and to cast some light on the path it seems to follow.


  • Tutorials   ( 30 Articles )

    "He said with all his years there's still so much he has to learn,

    and once again, I saw that it was so." - Wise Man by Uriah Heep



    In the realm of neurohacking, there are no actual "Masters", nor "Padawans", every one is pretty much in the same shit, yunno... and every one has something to teach to and to learn from the others. Now, of course, experience does matter, and it's hopeful, it means your efforts will pay one day or another. But there is no destination, enjoying the journey in itself is one of the core principles of the neurohacker. And those who might appear as masters to the beginner, still consider themselves as students of the universe. Every second has something to teach us about the world.

    Tutorials in this section will guide you through your own journey, a journey in which your mind will be your only master, Captain. Remember that, if we "can show you the door, you're the one who has to go through it"...