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Written by NHA   


Lately, someone was asking an old friend of ours:

"What do people want?"

And he said: "People want to feel good. They want to get on with enjoying themselves and life without any hassle. They want to feel successful, worthwhile, confident and respected. They want to feel loved, enjoyed and cared about. They want to know that they are valuable, competent members of their families and cultures, and they want themselves, their families and cultures to be sane, creative, exciting and inspirational.

People want freedom, peace, recognition and cooperation. People want fun, learning, variety and growth. People want things to make sense, they like to know the truth about things, they like to invent things and tell stories and climb mountains to see what's on the other side, even if, sometimes, they might have to cross hell in order to find out...

That's the very juice of adventure, innit?"



So yeah, we yearn for what biology intended: a continuum of being, healthy interaction, belonging and love.

That yearning fades as we start to believe places like that just don't exist, that crazy people have taken over the whole world and that we might as well just forget the dream, take the blue pill, go to work and get drunk on weekends. But some of us cannot forget the dream. Some of us still feel a longing to go home, to a place our biology and intelligence tell us is half-remembered and half-imagined in the human unconscious awareness of what we are and what we could be.



  • How would you feel in a place where there is passion and emotion instead of shallow sentiments and anxieties?
  • In a place where there is interaction instead of action and reaction, where people are autonomous and able to be self sufficient yet choose to work together to increase their power and ability (as wolves do in the wilderness)?
  • In a place where you can be independent and free, instead of dependent and enslaved? Where there is empathy and inspiration, instead of apathy and expiration?
  • In a place that supports a life of peace instead of a system that pulls us to pieces? Where people, relationships and endeavors come together instead of falling apart?
  • In a place where ability and intent have value and money has not?
  • In a place where your lifestyle leads to constant improvement and ability instead of to an inevitable constant decline, direction: senility? Where life is lived to the full, without borders or boundaries imposed by dysfunctional systems?
  • In an emergent system that runs itself instead of needing politics or dogma to impose rules upon it? Where morality aligns with biology in enlightened mutual interest?
  • In a place where you are free to do what you want to do, yet nothing can be imposed upon you without your informed consent? Where people bring light-heartedness and joy instead of endless hassle and aggro?




Yeah, how would you feel in such a place? And we mean, really ask yourself these questions above. Inquire of your self about them. And then, come back to it with an answer.

Our answer is: "Yeah! That's Real Life! And we want to get there." Our method is about "aligning morality with biology in enlightened mutual interest", what we call "Neurohacking". And we intend to live it, to share it, and to pass it down to the next generations. It is what we are ready to stand for, what we are ready to live for: the right to develop our optimal potential as human beings and as part of interactive life on earth.

Our current nations and societies have not been designed to promote all this - in other words, they don't value love and life, and they don't seem to have the slightest intention to move into that direction anytime soon.

On the other hand, we feel it is time for a change... We intend to provide a space that not only promotes it but actively encourages a general movement in that direction, which is - bluntly said - the direction of entelechy and emergence.

Having said this, we have no interest in coercion either: we can only show you the door, you are the ones who must choose to walk through it.

And we're fully aware that, at this point, you might have like thousands of questions, you might not know where to start, all this talk might seem very abstract to you (and we recommend you come back to this page from time to time in the future, when you might discover words have deeper meanings than what you feel right now), but since you've clicked on the "Neurohackers Community" thingy, your main question for now is probably: "who the fuck are you guys??":

We are - primarily - an international group of friends, and our numbers include neuroscientists, computer engineers, spiritual seekers, musicians, psychologists, alternative practitioners, cyber-shamans, writers, nutritionists, biologists, graphic designers, researchers, explorers, photographers, film makers, and people who just want to have a good time. We’re quite a varied crowd and hopefully you'll get to know us better on the forum.

So, dear dudes, welcome home! A home that is what home should be. You've just entered by the front door, be sure there are many other doors and plenty of rooms to explore...

Nobody can tell you what neurohacking is -you have to go there and experience it for yourself  :  )



Pictures Refs:

"Having Fun with Mud" by Malleni

"Home...?" by the NHA is a composition made of "Matrix Code" by Fae-Falor and "High Visibility" by Ssilence

"Out of Time" by Princess Nomad (abstract)