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31. ICMM 8 Setup (a workspace)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... / neurochemical imbalances / disorders, or our viral infections? We don't get sick on purpose. We don't get psychologically distressed or depressed on purpose. Is a drug user guilty for taking medication ...
32. ICMM 11 Processor Upgrade (conditioning & learning)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... him". Amusing though that may sound, it is unfortunately true. Fear is a real killer. Anxiety-induced suicides are pretty deadly, for a start. 3. If asked how many personality/psychological disorders ...
33. ICMM 16 Advanced Applications Level 1 (hacking pain)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... to happen and this high concentration of cortisol literally prevents any new neuronal tissue from being formed. It most certainly contributes to senility and neurological disorders. Humans do have the ...
34. ICMM 18 Troubleshooting (problems & solutions)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... two groups genetically,R46 with the same problems making people vulnerable to all the disorders in that group. The separation runs as follows: Depression, anxiety disorders and phobias form one group, ...
35. ICMM 20 Future Developments (upgrades & uploads)
(Workshop/I've Changed My Mind)
... Impairment (MCI), Parkinson's Disease, CNS Traumatic Injuries, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Psychiatric Disorders, Schizophrenia, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety ...
36. BTPT 1, 4
(Workshop/Beyond The Porcelain Throne)
... children, the invention of things to control or harm people, war, estranged friends, anxiety disorders and divorce. Animals producing the associated hormones squabble, fight, posture, bully and dominate. ...
37. Optimal Nutrition - The Basics
(Neurohacking/Lifestyle & Nutrition)
... with oxidative damage to cells –particularly neurons, and several glucose-processing disorders including metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes and obesity. For a long time in health circles there ...
38. Introduction to Tutorials
... please by controlling your metabolism. Treat disorders or problems without drugs. Supercharge your system with abundant energy. Protect yourself from mental problems and senility ...
  A –It sounds like you have chronic anxiety. It's a sort of anxiety that doesn't cause panic attacks or obvious disorders, and it's probably not conscious. Most people's minds are pretty ...
... this system can also possibly lead to autoimmune disorders, in which the immune system attacks the body.   Resources For Further Study http://www.med.harvard.edu/AANLIB/home.html The Whole ...
41. Schizophrenia
(Web Links / Disorders & Problems)
Schizophrenia: Information for tutors
42. Mood disorders
(Web Links / Disorders & Problems)
Mood disorders: Information for tutors (gives you a lot more info than public health sites) ...
43. National Institute of Mental Health
(Web Links / Disorders & Problems)
The largest scientific organization in the world dedicated to research on understanding, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders and the promotion of mental health. Mental health topics page. ...
44. Whole brain atlas
(Web Links / NH Basics)
MRI based atlas that covers some disorders & problems ...
45. Disorders & Problems
"Maybe we're crazy. Probably." - Gnarls Barkley - Crazy     Joking aside, this is the place to look if you experience mental disorders or problems, and we recommend it ...
46. Neurohacking
  Welcome to the NHA Neurohacking Library. Have fun!   Basics Lifestyle & Nutrition Problems & Disorders Drugs ...
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