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Homeworld - Introductive Material
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Miércoles 20 de Agosto de 2008 20:23
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Homeworld Introduction
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Appendix 1 - On Human Health and Human Needs

Clear factors emerge worldwide in correlation with longevity, physical and mental health, and life satisfaction.

For humans they are:

  • A diet giving maximum nutrition and minimum toxins
  • Sufficient air & water free of toxins
  • Enough exercise to maintain muscle tone, circulation, flexibility and skeletal strength
  • Enough sleep to maintain the nervous system, memory, and physical growth & repair
  • Adequate protection from extremes of climate & catastrophe
  • Interesting and varied input and experiences
  • Self-esteem, recognition and respect from others
  • Interaction, with each other, the planet, and all beneficial things


This list gives all the requirements for our platform, power and input, in other words for a matrix. Without any of the first four, the human body depreciates fast. But the body cannot live without the mind, and the last three factors are vital for a healthy mind. Without them, the brain depreciates even faster than the body and we end up dysfunctional and finally senile, at which point we can no longer take care of the body.

We don't list these factors as any kind of 'rights'; we list them here as things we must achieve, and to achieve them, we need only two things as an intelligence: The ability to interact, and free informed choice [where 'free' = freedom from anxiety, coercion, harassment, prejudice, censorship and propaganda; and 'informed' = given access to clear, verifiable, up to date facts, procedures, discoveries and information.

Given these two conditions, intelligent people can work out all the rest by themselves, including what questions to ask.


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