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Homeworld - Introductive Material
Written by NHA   
Wednesday, 20 August 2008 20:23
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The only requirement for belonging is wanting to interact.


Our community and culture affect our health fundamentally. Ordinary society is not dedicated to your health and wellbeing, or designed to foster them. Homeworld space is. We research and practise lifestyles that are aligned with biology and that promote health and development.

Homeworld is a networking organisation for people who practice Intelligence Augmentation or "neurohacking", and who like to meet in various countries in real life to collaborate on projects, have fun and learn things. You may join the Homeworld group only if you're actually committed to practising interaction in real life (a lack of understanding or current ability to do so doesn't exclude you, as long as you're willing to learn). If you want to interact, you have to know what it means and how to do it, right?


Intelligence Augmentation is about Human Health and Human Needs

Intelligence Augmentation (IA) means developing and improving your intelligence, which practice also improves and protects your mental and physical health. IA is based on hard science, proven facts about the mind and brain, and the latest discoveries in Biological Psychology about human health and our needs. (See Appendix 1 for more details).

"Interaction" is a method for IA. It is used for resolving and preventing conflict and promoting individual and group improvement in many fields. It is so far highly successful (the guy who designed the 'core conditions' for interaction was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize). Looked at from this point of view, Homeworld is experimental. We want to see if interaction theory can live up to its (so far hot) reputation because it has never been tried before in small social communities. It could provide a healthy answer to many of society's problems.

But academia is not the spirit of Homeworld! You may find interaction is much more like a fun game than a science experiment.

The core conditions for interaction are explained in the article in our files called Interaction & Core Conditions: The Basics and we ask that you read this article before deciding to join or remain in the group.


Use it or Lose it - Intelligence Is not IQ

We subscribe to the current scientific paradigm on the mind and brain; Network theory. You don't need to know network theory to join HW, but you DO need to understand that science no longer treats IQ as "intelligence". We now know that a key series of factors make up intelligence, among them memory systems, attention & orientation, sensorimotor skills, spatial, creative and intellectual processes, perception, empathy and imagination.

It's also known that if we don't use our intelligence as it is designed to be used, we limit our minds, our brains and our health, and this limits the quality of our lives. We become, sooner or later, a part of "the many" (i.e., we lead fairly ordinary lives, go to school, get depressed, go to work, get bored, go senile and then die). Whatever one believes about what happens after this life, we'd like to have a bit more adventure than that during it.

The way we now know human minds work makes it clear that we can't remain in good mental & physical health without such a space and such interactions as Homeworld seeks to provide, and we certainly can't achieve our optimal potential without them.


Intelligence Is the Ability to Interact

Based on the latest knowledge science is currently able to achieve about people's health and needs, the main requirement for the emergence and development of intelligence on any platform is interaction. Interaction is an empowering method of thinking, talking and behaving based on core conditions that provide the moves and behavior necessary for our success, the quality of our lives, and simply, happiness.

We value interaction very highly, so first of all if you're going to join, make sure you're willing to communicate and have a good sense of humor. Join the forum and tell us how you found us. The idea of friendship is to make friends! Secondly you'll need to understand exactly what is meant by "interaction" and for that you should read the article called Interaction & Core Conditions: The Basics which should bring you up to speed. This is the only information you should need to start.

After reading this if you feel you don't understand these ideas or you're not sure how to apply them (that's the place many of us start in as newbies!) you can still join, as long as you are willing to learn. Some of us have been practicing interaction for many years and can help you with any questions.


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