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Homeworld - HW Présentation
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Homeworld Introduction
Other Information about Homeworld
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  • We aim to open a permanent main base. We are still in the long and complicated process of deciding where on earth [literally] to put it! If you think you know what is the most sensible country in the world for hassle-free living, talk to us about it. Have a look at your own home country and think about the advantages and the drawbacks. We aim to avoid - as much as possible - the common fate of school and salary jobs and dependence (that means the country should allow home schooling, for example, etc...), because we don't believe those things lead to a good quality of life. If you own spare land and would like to sell it to us, get in contact. This project can go ahead as soon as a suitable site is found.
  • We aim to continue and develop the Embassies (see below)



Homeworld Embassies

A Place to Meet Intelligent Allies

Homeworld embassies are a place where food, shelter and services are given in return for goods, services or assistance -in return for your help on research, maintenance and general duties you receive food, accommodation and the opportunity to learn. HW visitors do not pay money to stay at embassies and HW embassies do not pay visitors for their help.

If you do not want to work, you can pay for your visit in goods or services and/or provide your own food –arrange this with the ambassador concerned before the visit. HW does not accept money of any kind.

Homeworld aims to have Embassies and Ambassadors in many world countries. We already have two Embassies in the USA and others in the UK, France and Colombia.

Embassy Aims
  • To get first hand experience of living outside "the system"
  • To give practical assistance to scientific research on human health
  • To get low-cost experience of other countries/areas
  • To make contact with other people leading alternative lifestyles
  • To form links and foster understanding between people from different backgrounds
  • To facilitate inter-cultural understanding between people of different nationalities
  • We hope that you will enjoy belonging to an international network of people who care about their minds, humanity and the world and are doing something for the future.
  • Some embassies have resources available including musical instruments, computers/software, medical and bio/neurotech which are available for you to use, with guidance if required. We aim to provide film-making and music-making tech and facilities as soon as space permits. Professionals in various fields hang out at [and often run] Homeworld Embassies.


Not all work is 'scientific' – general maintenance is just as useful!

Stays of varied length are possible. HW provides excellent opportunities for learning, changing to a healthier life with greater freedom, cultural exchange and being part of a happy family.

You must inform the ambassador regarding what is to be exchanged before the visit –this means you agree together what you are going to provide in exchange for your stay before booking one. [This is on order to stop people from using embassies like a free hotel].

If you're already a member and you want to become a Homeworld ambassador contact us for more details. If you have spare room in your property it could be a good way of meeting cool people and getting a helping hand.

There is no 'official' lifestyle in Homeworld; the rule is 'do what you like as long as you don't deliberately push it on others'. You are 100% responsible for yourself. You're not in any way responsible for anybody else, and they are not responsible for you. If you're smart you'll already understand this without it being explained. Being aware of politeness and acting accordingly is politeness, just like being diplomatic is diplomacy.

We respect animals, including other humans, as having a right to lead free natural independent lives, so we don't allow 'pets'. We do allow smoking (but not bursting into flames).

We support home birth and education.

Your choice of diet is up to you, as is your choice whether to sleep or not (as long as you're not practising accordion, banjo or bagpipes while other ones are sleeping ).

If you want to book a visit at an Embassy, contact us for details (see below) or by calling out the ambassador of the country you would like to visit on the forum...


Community Values

There is no hierarchy in HW and founder members have no more say in what happens than any other member. The core group is simply a group of friends who hold some values in common.

  • We value autonomy, intelligence and sanity above all else. Autonomy (the freedom and ability to do what you want when you want and how you want without causing any harm or getting any hassle) is what gives a high quality of life. That means taking responsibility for ourselves, our own minds and our behavior, including educating ourselves and acquiring our own resources.
  • We value interaction. The ability to interact stands out as an astonishingly all-inclusive tool for achieving all things. It is a key driving force in evolution, in biology, in culture, in emergence, in scientific progress, in creativity, in communication, in personal and group success. On every level an organism's ability to interact determines its survival and the ongoing quality / success of its life.
  • We value home birth and home education as the most beneficial means to optimal intelligence and heath.
  • We share our knowledge and skills here for mutual benefit, but a part of freedom is freedom from coercion, and our one golden rule is, 'A person should never have to do anything or have anything done to them without their informed consent'. We tolerate no prejudice in this regarding age, sex or anything else irrelevant to real life.
  • We value technology used for beneficial purposes, and we see communications technology, IA tech, music, literature, art and film media as important means of potential inspiration and learning for all persons.
  • We value intelligence very highly, but we don't define "intelligence" as IQ. Many of us study and/or practise intelligence augmentation. We see intelligence [including creativity, empathy, emotional stability and imagination], as our greatest asset for personal and group success in all areas. There is a resource centre for intelligence augmentation here: Neurohacking Library
  • We value competence in varied skills and abilities. Many of us come from creative and scientific backgrounds. We share skills and information on and offline in an open source manner, because we all have skills that can assist each other. We find 'ordinary' school/work/life in society to be stifling to creativity, devoid of inspiration, fun and adventure, and to be honest rather excruciatingly boring. But we're realists; we can't afford a private island yet and we have to look at ways to work with current society in order to achieve what we want. We also teach freely anything that we know; we hope you will too.
  • We value AVOIDING any political or religious system. Your own beliefs are up to you. We have nothing against people being religious or political in the same way that we have nothing against people choosing their own recreational pursuits, whether they be drugs, dancing or jumping out of helicopters [whatever blows your hair back, man!]: It's your own business what you're into, as long as you don't push it on anybody else.



How can you become a Citizen of Homeworld?

Put your hand on the computer and say "I do".

Seriously, if you want to be involved in Homeworld on any level, just submit a post in this forum's thread The Bay - General Questions or send a private message to the Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir. , and just tell us you'd like to.


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