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... analysis and behavioral science are much used in profiling. Beliefs consciously expressed in discourse are known to be very poor predictors of either actual beliefs or behavior.[30] For example, many ...
2. Emotion - disorders of emotion
(Neurohacking/Theory & Research)
... ChemPort | 44. Kohen, R. et al. Gene expression profiling in the hippocampus of learned helpless and nonhelpless rats. Pharmacogenomics J. 5, 278–291 (2005). | Article | PubMed | ISI | ChemPort ...
3. Advanced questions for Profiling Game
...  Advanced type questions are about things we believe, but still must not reveal any personal details. Here are some examples:   Advanced level questions for Profiling Game “X probably ...
...  Intermediate questions for Profiling Game, examples: “X probably uses mind machines (a) frequently (b) sometimes (c) rarely (d) never” “X probably reads hard copy books (a) never ...
5. Basic questions for Profiling Game
    These questions and the Profiling Game itself are for Intermediate NH students. If you are not at Intermediate level, you may not understand some of the terms in the questions.   ...