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Written by NHA   
Monday, 15 July 2013 16:33
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These questions and the Profiling Game itself are for Intermediate NH students. If you are not at Intermediate level, you may not understand some of the terms in the questions.



Basic questions

Using the example questions below, you should be able to make up your own, similar questions. Basic questions should be about guessing preferences, likes or dislikes rather than about behavior or habits. The sort of questions any stranger would be happy to answer in a game, with no sensitive or personal information (such as eye color, weight or height).



Basic questions for Profiling Game, examples:

“If X made a list of their 20 all time favorite movies, would it probably include: (a) more than five science fiction (b) more than five musicals (c) more than five horror movies (d) more than five cop/crime mysteries?”

“If X could choose one of the following brand new documentaries to keep for free, they would probably choose (a) 'David Attenborough's World of Wildlife (b) Marcus du Sautoy's Mathematical Symmetry in Architecture (c) Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Physics and Beyond (d) Expressive Gothic Design with HR Giger”

“If X were asked to name 2 of their favorite colors, would they probably (a) include red (b) include blue (c) include green (d) say they did not have any favorite colors?”

“In X's wardrobe there will probably be (a) mostly black, white & gray clothes (b) mostly brightly colored clothes (c) about equal amounts of formal & casual clothes (d) mostly t shirts & jeans”

“If X could live in any area in the world for free, they would probably choose (a) to live on another continent from where they are now (b) to remain in or close to the area they live now (c) an urban location (d) a rural location”

“If X listed their favorite things to eat, the list would probably include (a) some kind of fruit (b) burgers (c) some kind of fish (d) chocolate”

“X probably (a) wears trainers most of their waking time (b) wears hard shoes (not trainers) most of their waking time (c) wears sandals most of their waking time (d) goes barefoot or just in socks most of their waking time”

“If X came round for a meal, they would probably prefer to eat (a) pizza, fries & coke (b) salad, cheeses, houmous and crispbreads (c) roast chicken with broccoli peas and carrots (d) fruit, cream, yogurt and expensive chocolates”

“X probably listens to (a) mainly classical music (b) mainly rock & roll (c) mainly jazz (d) mainly pop current hits”

“X probably prefers (a) beer to wine (b) wine to beer (c) not drinking (d) spirits to wine or beer”

“X probably (a) dislikes goats' milk (b) has never tried goats' milk (c) likes goats' milk (d) can't tell goat's milk from cows' milk”

“X probably (a) likes peaches (b) likes strawberries (c) likes bananas (d) likes oranges”

“X probably dislikes (a) cabbage (b) chili (c) sausages (d) oranges”

“X probably plays regularly (a) chess (b) computer games (c) the lottery (d) music”