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Neurohacking - Tutorials
Written by NHA   
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 20:55
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Introduction to Tutorials
A Brief Guide to Tutorial Structure
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Introduction to the Tutorials - Read this First




A Practical Program For Developing Your Optimum Potential

“The body cannot live without the mind” (Morpheus; ‘The Matrix’)

From these open source Interactional (‘Intal’) tutorials you will learn TO CHANGE YOUR MIND, to unlock the potential of your intelligence and enjoy a high quality life:


Mental and Physical Health

  • Improve your immune system and increase the power of your body's self-healing process.
  • Adjust your weight and blood pressure as you please by controlling your metabolism.
  • Treat disorders or problems without drugs.
  • Supercharge your system with abundant energy.
  • Protect yourself from mental problems and senility

Attention, Alertness & Orientation

  • Increase your attention span and awareness of detail
  • Enjoy improved spatial skills and sense of direction
  • Avoid distractions and stay sharp, with faster responses and enhanced performance
  • Enhance your sensory appreciation

Concentration, Association & Perception

  • Improve efficiency through increased conscious awareness.
  • Replace old ‘stuck-in-a-rut’ habits with new improving habits of behavior.
  • Use association techniques to give yourself a supersmart overview of problems.
  • Increase intuition by understanding how it works.
  • Understand how people get conned and coerced and know when you are being lied to.

Memory & Learning

  • Increase your memory and protect yourself from memory loss, even as you age.
  • Use natural learning methods that work with how the brain is designed to learn for incredible results.
  • Develop a photographic memory.

Imagination, Empathy & Communication

  • Tap into and share the resources of an abundant imagination.
  • Understand why people behave as they do and improve your interpersonal relationships.
  • Communicate easily in ways that ensure a good outcome for all situations.
  • Learn professional techniques to help yourself and others through difficult times and trauma.

Emotional Stability & Interaction

  • Create a life filled with happiness, love and security.
  • Maintain the healthy moods that promote good health and long life.
  • Convert anxiety into competence and know how to deal with difficult feelings in others.
  • Excel at working in groups and teams as well as alone.
  • Form close relationships based on honesty and enjoyment.
  • Cope calmly and expediently in a crisis or disaster.

Creativity & Dexterity

  • Be creatively interactive and inspired in your work and in practical, everyday matters.
  • Enjoy yourself through play & laughter.
  • Solve problems with ease, teach and instruct clearly and competently.
  • Increase performance & competence in the workplace.
  • Reduce accidents and use machinery, instruments and tools with skill.
  • Release the indomitable power of creativity and take control of your life with input control.


  • Build up your independence & self-esteem.
  • Transform fear into courage, change procrastination into interaction.
  • Develop powerful self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Intellect (IQ)

  • Produce the mind set to achieve everything you always need.
  • Boost your analytical, linguistic and computational skills.

Executive Planning, Decision, Judgment & Strategy Skills

  • Realize success and a feeling of accomplishment in all that you do.
  • Convert doubt to decisiveness, change anxiety to exhilaration.
  • Establish clearer moral & spiritual values for yourself.
  • Achieve harmony and balance in all aspects of your life.


Intal is a practical program for people who would like to improve their intelligence and mental health in any way. It is presented as a series of tutorials with supportive material.

Our material is sourced from the latest scientific discoveries about intelligence, the brain and mind, together with proven practical techniques for self control, communication and perceptual awareness used by professional intelligence agencies, emergency services and special forces training. As far as we know, this is the only place you will find this information available to the public.

By working with the brain’s natural biology, Intal provides each individual with a smart personal strategy for optimal intelligence and health. Some call this process “Intelligence Augmentation” (IA), others call it “Neurohacking” or “Neuroengineering”.

Intal was designed after long-term research into the many factors involved in what it takes to have [and to keep] a healthy mind and a healthy attitude to life from youth, through the stresses of adolescence and complex relationships, the challenges and changes of parenthood and middle age, and avoiding the dangers of mental problems in later life.

We are not claiming to have discovered a way for everybody to become a genius, but we have found a method that enables anyone to improve their mental abilities by quite a large degree. We believe that having more intelligent and adept people on this planet is a good thing, possibly an essential thing, so we’re sharing this method open source. There is no fee for Intal, and we're not trying to sell anything. Nobody should have to pay to increase their intelligence!


You CAN Decide on a Better State of Mind for Your Life Today!

Health, happiness and success in life starts with your state of mind. As odd as it may sound to some people, there is now solid scientific proof that our outer world of environment and circumstances shapes itself through our inner world of thought, and vice versa. YOU actually hold the key to your own happiness by exercising your power to step away from restricting habits, choose your own thoughts and feelings, stop others dictating the course of your life, and change your mind. If you maintain a favorable state of mind, you will get favorable results in life. If you carry an unfavorable state of mind, you will get unfavorable results in life.

“Become what you were meant to be” - Elrond, in Lord of the Rings

Through totally developing your intelligence, you automatically develop a healthy state of mind, because your brain is fulfilling the function it was designed to fulfill. You become better in all areas of your life, you feel satisfied and you easily tap into the abundance around you. You were designed to be healthy. You were designed to be creative. You were designed to be happy - and all because you have such a wonderful brain that can be easily used to better yourself and the conditions around you.

Naturally, whatever physical qualities a creature evolves and is born with, it is meant to use those qualities completely in order to fulfill its natural function in life. Human beings are no different, and we have evolved intelligence. Each person is meant to develop their intelligence completely, not partially. When you do so, happiness and success in any avenue of your life is an obvious outcome, because intelligence is not just about surviving, it is about thriving.

Everyone has the potential of achieving full intelligence, because using intelligence in the right way is what makes it grow. In these tutorials we provide you with the techniques and exercises to stimulate and use your intelligence in the right way and get better results out of life, and the background knowledge to understand how it works. Learn the steps and apply what you learn to every area in your life. Take the first action towards improving your life by starting now.

Allow yourself to evolve without limits. If old patterns of behavior are not bringing you favorable results, these tutorials will enable you to practice and establish new patterns of behavior. All YOU have to do is learn how the reality of your intent to improve is possible.

You will have support, help and advice if required from professional neuroscientists and fellow students online in the forum. We offer the opportunity to become part of the NHA community and use its resources, to join in projects if you want to, and to meet other members and experts in real life.

One Small Step…

Whether you’re living somewhere idyllic or (like most of us) in a society filled with needless discord, depression, pollution, stupidity and disease, you probably realize there is an urgent need for more people to develop their full intelligence potential.

A developed intelligence can bring beneficial change wherever it goes and improve whatever it touches. This first step into the unknown –of starting to learn something new- is just one small step for you. But if you take it, it could help bring a giant leap for humankind. Where we go from there, is a choice we leave to you.





A Brief Guide to Tutorial Structure


The little pictures in the tutorials before each section give you a clue to what that section is about. The caduceus ‘Intal’ sign below will occur together with general information about each tutorial.




If you want to pick out just the science info first, look for sections with this little brain pic below.




The sign below indicates experiments, fun things to do, hacks, tricks and games, usually that you can try right away. It is an indication that you should 'play', because this is the fastest way to learn.




The white rabbit (below) is your guide to the basics of what’s going on in the brain, explained in a simple, summarizing, non-technical way. If you get lost or confused, follow the white rabbit! -Go back to the white rabbit sections for reminders of the basics before continuing.




The ‘Dead-end’ sign below occurs with information about brain/mind problems, their causes, and how to get around or avoid them.




NHA guides: This picture below heads a section in each tutorial where you will learn about methods; techniques and technology used in neurohacking.






In-Text Questions

Your skill in understanding and mastering the techniques is developed partly by ‘in-text questions’. These, and their answers (which follow immediately after the questions) are indicated by the standard signs ‘Q’ and ‘A’, and they are a crucial part of the strategy of the program. You should try to answer them as you encounter them, ideally by thinking of your own answer before reading the answer we have provided. Sometimes these questions are intended to make you think about the implications of a course of action or the interpretation of an idea presented in the text. Sometimes they are ways of ‘revising’ material that has appeared in earlier tutorials, and making links between different aspects of intelligence.


Hacks & Exercises

There are fun hacks, experiments and assignments in the tutorials, and exercises for all the main brain networks and the functions they control as you go along.

Intal develops all brain networks. The information with the exercises in a tutorial will tell you which networks each particular exercise is for. (Don’t worry, ‘networks’ will be explained in the tutorials).     If you want to focus on just one aspect of mental performance [for example, memory], you can just pick out the exercises or hacks for the networks controlling that, but if you do things in the correct order you will find that every network you improve will help to improve the performance of all the others. So, if you are aiming for overall intelligence augmentation you will get the best results by going through the tutorials and practising the exercises you need in the order in which they are presented.


Assignments & Self-Assessment

The tutorials also contain ‘assignments’, where you have particular questions to answer or tasks to do. These are to improve your awareness of your own progress and we don’t expect you to ‘send them in’ to us or anything. There are no grades or exams in this program because everybody passes!

Self assessments are sometimes structured in order that you can find out specifics about your brain [for example, to do an assessment of just one function such as empathy skills, or to test just one aspect of your memory]. Other times they are designed to show you how well you are doing overall in the program itself or how well you have grasped techniques.



Some tutorials give examples of self-assessments or assignments that were completed by other students. Wherever we have used these, the students' names are removed or changed for privacy, but the examples are always those of real people following the program.

If you do an assignment that you're particularly pleased with and you'd like to donate it as an example for fellow students in these tutorials, that's great. We'll remove your name for privacy.


Intal FAQ

If you don’t understand something in the tutorials or you have more questions before you begin, it’s worth looking at the FAQ section to see if it’s covered there; because somebody else may have asked the same questions already.


More Science Info

If you want to explore the scientific proof, research and neuroscience theory behind Intal, follow up the related papers in the library that the tutorials recommend. The tutorials themselves are a practical program with basic science explanations only.



The tutorials are frequently updated, but you can use them at any time. Lots more tutorials are on the way, and we’ll post messages to the forum when they are up and running. Meanwhile we’d appreciate any feedback that can help us to make it better for you, so do interact and tell us if any parts seem confusing or too hard. We want your progress to be fast, easy, and smooth.


This program and the information and techniques in it are open source and can be used by anyone for anything with certain exceptions.

It is not to be sold or used for making financial profit in any way

It is not to be used with intentions of coercion or any deliberate attempt to control others, including children.

Any person breaking these conditions will be denied access to the NHA community and all connected sites.

Neurohacking is NOT FOR WIMPS. YOU are considered fully responsible for yourself and your own behavior. Get used to this.


"You decide your own level of involvment" (Tyler Durden, Fight Club)

"Your focus determines your reality" (Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master)


The NHA considers itself responsible for publishing the information on this site because we believe people have the right to know the truth (or more precisely the clearest picture of the truth we can have with today's technology and empirical experience). The Truth Is Out There, but the NHA cannot be taken as responsible for the use people will make of it.


"He's old enough to know what's right and young enough not to choose it

"He's noble enough to win the world but weak enough to lose it"

(Neil Peart, 'New world man')


Being intelligent means taking individual responsibility to use all resources in the service of intelligence itself. Persons doing otherwise will be denied access to the NHA community as registered members (and to all connected sites). Our library remains open to everyone and we cannot restrict access selectively to anything publicly available.


"You've got to practice what you preach, yeah ha,

Cause it's time for you and me, come to face reality"

(Jimi Hendrix, 'Straight Ahead')


The NHA fully assumes responsibility for anything marked as "Written by NHA", all articles written by individual authors reflect solely their author's personal opinions, ontologies, theories or hypotheses.


"Remember that all I am offering is the truth. Nothing more."

(Morpheus, The Matrix)


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