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Workshop - COMP~Position
Written by Le Scal   


The Ultimate Secret

[Dedicated to the Homeworld UK Embassy, where this has been written]

Well, my fellow comrades, this is it!

We're getting close to the end of the game.

And soon, we'll enter the shift, all together...

But yunno... there's something I've always dreamt to utter

In such a circumstance, that is to say just before starting

To play a tune, and it goes like this...

"Good evening, this... is a fucking song of hope, dudes!!"


We've found a secret, at first we were not sure,

It was so simple, how could it still be secret?

So we looked for it in the eyes of our fellow men,

And to our unfaithful horror we saw it there,

Unstained, in each and every one of them.

But it was lying there, uncovered and yet unused.



So we tried to tell them: it's the ultimate tool

And they always said: uh, uh... I find it beautiful!

But they never saw the tool.



We're on the cutting edge of a brand new border

Nobody wants to cross, but we need to explore.

It's a question of sanity, it would be nice with everybody,

But we don't have time to wait, we can't stay here,

Anymore, so we've sketched the way

For them to go there by themselves and we'll try to wave at them



And we'll try to tell them: it's the ultimate space

And they may say: uh, uh... We find it beautiful!

But they may never walk that road.

No, they may never walk that road...



So here we are facing the limit

And we look back upon the world:

What should we do? What can be done?

Why don't they do it finally?


Well, it's a one way ticket

And there is no coming back

So what are you ready to lose?

Is there anything to lose?



I guess we're trying to tell you: it's the ultimate secret

And we're sure you're saying: uh, uh... I find it beautiful!

But we can't hear you anymore (x2)

We can't hear it anymore

We can't hear you anymore...