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Workshop - COMP~Position
Written by Le Scal   


The Edge


It was the dusk of the Third Age of Scalino,
Ten years after... well, after ten years ago actually,
I don't see anything particularly memorable... well, anyway...
The year the Great Buzz came upon us all!
The year where rock'n'roll, finally,
Have been reborn from its ashes...
The year where everything changed!

They told you: “It’s beautiful, son!” and then, you believed them,
O being just a child was so easy at the time;
But through painful teen-aging and such clumsy stem
You got closer to the abyss of that adults’ dreadful grime…

And you wouldn’t want to believe it,
You fought back, you’ve fought it,
But with the brooding gum you’re chewing
You didn’t see it comin’...

In a blind corner on the road,
And whatever you might think was owed,
Much faster that you could have known
You’ve stumbled upon the unknown…

Well, maybe you thought: “It’s much too soon for a dude of my age!”
But… you were to seek out the Edge…

Now, you think you have to know, boy, you think you need to know.
But never forget Herodotus! No, never forget Thoreau!
It’s just your inner blow, boy, you need to see to grow
And as were saying Morpheus, yes… you have to let it all go!!

And if at first you won’t even believe it,
Just fight smart, don’t fight it!
Like a crooning brook kindly glowing,
Right then you’ll see it flowin’…

Still your heart may be torn to pieces,
But you will gladly sail on turquoise seas;
Much easier that you would have known
That blunt scraping with the unknown…

Then maybe you’ll think: “I see it all! I’m gonna blow out my cage!”
Still… You’ll have to crawl on the Edge… (Yeah! Remember Han Solo…)

Nothing’s holy! Nothing’s foxy!
It’s an unspeakable controlled folly!
Whatever you might think the end’s looking,
You’ll never see it comin’…

Now your heart is in tune with your mind
Your vision is of the crystal kind
You’re baffled but you’ve always known
That you were made to embrace the unknown…

So rightly I think: “It’s not so fool for a dude of my age,
If I tell you, folks…: You’ll find me strolling on the Edge…”