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Workshop - COMP~Position
Written by Le Scal   
Monday, 26 April 2010 15:10


Download / Order COMP~Position CD



COMP~Position is my debut album, and its 12 tracks are in the public domain (Creative Commons licence). You are free to download the full album in mp3 files (see at the bottom of this page for the zip file of the full album or the individual tracks). However, it's possible to order a CD copy of it from myself personally (the price has been calculated to correspond roughly to what it costs me to make it and send it). All copies are numeroted and signed by my littl' hands... The CD itself is printed with the 'ProtoGem' fractal thingy you also have on the cover of its 4 pages booklet (and on the previous page too). I won't edit more than 333 copies, and a good bunch has already been sold; don't wait too long...

Price is unique & worldwide: 5€ (shipping costs included; so the farther you are living from France, the lesser you'll pay for the CD itself. Ain't that supagroovy...?).



Clicking on the button below will bring you to a Paypal secured payment page where you may order the COMP~Position CD (you don't need to have a paypal account).

And don't forget, if you like it, spread the word...



Order the CD


Download the Full Album

COMP~Position Full Album


Download the Individual Tracks


What Are We Waiting For?



In the Hour of Great Sorrow

The Edge

Emergence Seas

The Alien Shore

The Ultimate Secret

RĂ©union au Sommet

Dawn's Dream

The Free Range House


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