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1   Link   Anatomium 3D
A very serious website, selling anatomical 3D models of any part of the body, including a more-than-300-parts 3D brain, in several 3D files formats. Only con: not cheap!
2   Link   DeviantArt.com
A beautiful graphic resources website, the DeviantArt community. They like you to ask for permission when you intend to use their artwork... ;)
3   Link   Cosmos magazine
Science fact and fiction
4   Link   Biomedical information
Online access to biomedical information in fields such as neuroscience, pharmacology, and psychology.
5   Link   books -Ben Goertzel
"The hidden pattern, a patternist philosophy of mind" by AI dude Ben Goertzel
6   Link   books - Carl Sagan
The Varieties of Scientific Experience: A Personal View of the Search for God, by Carl Sagan
7   Link   Audio Illusions
Audio illusions that will fool your ears and brain