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Neurohacking - Tutorials
Written by NHA   
Friday, 10 April 2009 19:17
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Neurohacking Tutorial 3 - Functional Analysis
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Neurohacking Tutorial 3

Functional Analysis

Updated Aug 2009


If you wish to do an automatic analysis, just proceed in the box below, ignoring the rest of this tutorial. If you prefer to work out your analysis for yourself, scroll down to 'preparation'. Whichever you choose, keep a copy of your FA assessment results (if you are working manually, this will be your assessment sheet). You do not need to keep the answers to individual questions unless you want to for future comparisons. If this is not your first assessment, be aware that some of your answers will change over time as you develop new abilities and adopt new habits.





You will find a choice of prepared “assessment sheets” in this 'tutorials' section of the site for use with your analysis. There is an excel version that we are using to demonstrate here:


functional assessment sheet



You can print one out, sketch your own or make an online copy if you want to. The networks are listed down the left hand side of the chart. This left hand column, labelled 'your network scores' is the only one we have to write in during the analysis, as the numbers we end up with there will tell us all the rest.

When you’ve gotten your sheet ready put it aside for now and begin the functional analysis below. You’ll be told what you need to write down on the sheet as we’re going along.

The analysis comes in three different parts, so you might want to do it in more than one session or take a break between parts because it’s quite long. [The good news is you don’t have to do a full analysis like this very often; typically not for years].

Don’t do a functional analysis if you’re emotionally upset, tired, drunk or really high [unless that is your current everyday condition].

If you can’t interpret your results or you get confused and you want help, obviously we’d be happy to oblige. Send in the assessment under a nickname with your questions and we’ll help with whatever we can.

Make yourself a copy of the functional analysis below (the rest of this document), in MSWord or whatever you choose. You can either print it out or do the analysis on your copy onscreen.

You don't need to save the questions or your individual responses, although you may wish to do so for reference; all that you will need to keep are the numbers that you will put on your assessment sheet.

Keep your assessment sheet in your Captain's Log because we will refer to it in future tutorials.



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