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Neurohacking - Tutorials
Written by NHA   
Friday, 10 April 2009 19:17
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Neurohacking Tutorial 3 - Functional Analysis
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Neurohacking Tutorial 3

Functional Analysis

Updated Aug 2009


If you wish to do an automatic analysis, just proceed in the box below, ignoring the rest of this tutorial. If you prefer to work out your analysis for yourself, scroll down to 'preparation'. Whichever you choose, keep a copy of your FA assessment results (if you are working manually, this will be your assessment sheet). You do not need to keep the answers to individual questions unless you want to for future comparisons. If this is not your first assessment, be aware that some of your answers will change over time as you develop new abilities and adopt new habits.





You will find a choice of prepared “assessment sheets” in this 'tutorials' section of the site for use with your analysis. There is an excel version that we are using to demonstrate here:


functional assessment sheet



You can print one out, sketch your own or make an online copy if you want to. The networks are listed down the left hand side of the chart. This left hand column, labelled 'your network scores' is the only one we have to write in during the analysis, as the numbers we end up with there will tell us all the rest.

When you’ve gotten your sheet ready put it aside for now and begin the functional analysis below. You’ll be told what you need to write down on the sheet as we’re going along.

The analysis comes in three different parts, so you might want to do it in more than one session or take a break between parts because it’s quite long. [The good news is you don’t have to do a full analysis like this very often; typically not for years].

Don’t do a functional analysis if you’re emotionally upset, tired, drunk or really high [unless that is your current everyday condition].

If you can’t interpret your results or you get confused and you want help, obviously we’d be happy to oblige. Send in the assessment under a nickname with your questions and we’ll help with whatever we can.

Make yourself a copy of the functional analysis below (the rest of this document), in MSWord or whatever you choose. You can either print it out or do the analysis on your copy onscreen.

You don't need to save the questions or your individual responses, although you may wish to do so for reference; all that you will need to keep are the numbers that you will put on your assessment sheet.

Keep your assessment sheet in your Captain's Log because we will refer to it in future tutorials.





Part One

Read through the statements in Section A below. If the statement is definitely a fair description of you, mark it with a ‘Y’ for ‘yes’. If you’re not really sure, leave the space blank. Only mark it with a Y if you think, “Yes that’s me”. [Functional analysis is designed so that underrating yourself will not have an effect on the outcome, because it is not the size of the numbers you end up with but their relativity to each other that is important. So it doesn’t matter if you only find two or three statements that ‘fit’ you, or loads.)

At the end of each section, count how many ‘Y’s you got for that section and follow the instructions there for making notes on your assessment sheet.

There are three parts of the analysis, with five sections in each part, labelled A to E. Certain questions may occur in more than one section; this is not a mistake.


Section A
  • I am sure-footed and rarely clumsy
  • I sometimes enjoy watching sport
  • I have a good sense of rhythm
  • I’m fairly athletic
  • I know that I get enough sleep
  • I’m not at all afraid of heights
  • I have normal or acute hearing
  • I enjoy physical contact with people I like
  • I am reasonably graceful
  • I seem to be able to learn most physical tasks after a bit of practice
  • I seem to have more physical energy than most people I know
  • I have favorite textures in my surroundings
  • I’d probably be able to ride a horse without a saddle and without having any lessons
  • I make sure I eat mainly things that are healthy
  • I enjoy dancing sometimes [even if only in private]
  • I have very good balance
  • I’m never afraid of the dark
  • I show physical affection to my loved ones sometimes
  • I’m quite acrobatic
  • I can get going easily in the mornings without needing coffee, tea or tobacco
  • I always tap my foot or move my body unconsciously when music is playing
  • I’d probably enjoy a massage
  • I hardly ever trip over anything or knock things over
  • I have a good sense of smell
  • I bathe regularly because I want to, and I physically notice and enjoy feeling clean and fresh
  • I have a good healthy sex drive
  • I enjoy playing physical sports sometimes
  • I like action movies
  • I enjoy a big variety of flavors in food
  • I have good eyesight
  • I tend to have high physical endurance and/ or strength
  • I enjoy both foreplay and sex
  • I choose my clothes partly for comfort
  • I’d be happy to do either sedentary work or physical work
  • I enjoy sensuality as well as sexuality
  • I have regular bowel movements and hardly ever get the runs or constipation
  • I work out or exercise regularly and take care of my body
  • I have no problem sitting still if it’s necessary
  • Throughout my waking time, I’m active sometimes and relaxed at others
  • I found it reasonably easy to learn to swim



WRITE THIS NUMBER ON YOUR ASSESSMENT SHEET IN THE COLUMN LABELLED ‘Your Network Scores’, ROW ‘N1&2’ BESIDE THE LETTER ‘F’. (In our example we have marked the area green below)





Section B
  • I feel genuinely excited when I start learning something new
  • I enjoy exploring new places
  • I have a good sense of direction and rarely get lost
  • I am proud of my accomplishments
  • I enjoy listening to music sometimes
  • I can usually tell what sort of mood people are in without them saying anything
  • I enjoy hearing stories read aloud
  • I seem to care about or be aware about the environment more than most people
  • I have a good aesthetic sense
  • I am good at mimicking some sounds or voices
  • I am very interested in wildlife, nature studies, bushcraft or ecology
  • I rarely feel agitated or irritated
  • I’m pretty open minded about sexuality, but I don’t necessarily connect it with love
  • I have pictures displayed in my home that are by my favorite artists
  • I sleep well
  • I rarely lose things; I can usually remember where I last saw them
  • I can relate to spiritual ideas
  • I enjoy doing things like jigsaw puzzles or building models sometimes
  • I have a vivid imagination and I sometimes fantasize
  • I have a fulfilling emotional life
  • I would consider experimenting with illegal ‘recreational’ drugs
  • I would be happy not to be monogamous in a relationship as long as I was honest about it with all concerned
  • I learn well by watching someone else do a task and then doing it myself
  • I enjoy some poetry
  • I like to see coordinated color in furnishings
  • When I experience setbacks, I remain optimistic that things will improve
  • I find it easy to relax
  • I’m very loyal and honest with my loved ones
  • I stare blankly sometimes in a sort of ‘daydream’
  • I remember my dreams sometimes
  • I hardly ever get anxious
  • I am a good listener
  • I have a good eidetic [visual] memory
  • I enjoy some science fiction movies/ fantasy movies / RPGs / sci fi or fantasy computer games
  • I am a fairly light-hearted person
  • I enjoy a deep feeling of peace and contentment sometimes
  • I can almost always calm myself down if I’m feeling stressed out
  • I am good at copying drawings /paintings /designs
  • I tend to create strong, lasting bonds with others
  • I am good at remembering stories


SCORE FOR SECTION B =  ----------------------

WRITE THIS NUMBER ON YOUR ASSESSMENT SHEET IN THE COLUMN LABELLED ‘Your Network Scores’, ROW ‘N3’ BESIDE THE LETTER ‘F’. (In our example we have marked the area green below)





Section C
  • I enjoy reading aloud to people
  • I enjoy working with a group
  • I write music
  • I am good at games such as chess
  • I get the hang of using new hand tools pretty fast
  • I create my own artwork
  • I’d rather spend special occasions with people I care about than alone
  • I can cook reasonably well
  • I write non-fiction in the areas of my interest
  • I have good dexterity
  • I can see the funny side of most things, and usually do
  • I am good at teaching what I know
  • I make things
  • I can remember song lyrics pretty well if I like the song, and if there’s some bits missing I can always make them up.
  • I have a strong sense of justice and fairness; it’s very important to me
  • I play a musical instrument
  • There are quite a few comedies among my favorite movies
  • I’m pretty good at DIY
  • I am good at thinking ‘outside the box’
  • I can be very precise when it’s necessary
  • I enjoy a good scientific argument, as long as nobody gets childish
  • I am very creative
  • The society I live in is quite important to me
  • I’m good at maths
  • I like my work to be meaningful and it means quite a lot to me
  • I invent things
  • I’ve got good hand/eye coordination
  • I try to figure things out on my own before asking for help
  • I like designing things
  • I write stories
  • I’m good at organizing things, and I’m meticulous
  • I can defend myself, but I dislike violence
  • I like to feel I’m bringing order out of chaos
  • I’m good at fixing things
  • My handwriting is neat and readable
  • I like figuring out how things work and why
  • I’m good at making up jokes
  • I like crime movies especially ‘whodunnits’ and psychological thrillers
  • I often come up with new ideas
  • I notice typos and errors in documents and publications


SCORE FOR SECTION C =-------------------



Section D
  • I have a good intellect
  • I’m highly autonomous /self-sufficient
  • I enjoy spending time alone
  • I’m a fairly ambitious person
  • I like being me
  • I don’t need anybody else’s input to get going
  • I like talking about myself sometimes
  • I have high standards for myself
  • Silence doesn’t bother me; I sometimes choose it
  • Personal success means quite a lot to me
  • I think about myself quite a lot and am often introspective
  • I’m good at word-puzzles and crosswords
  • I’m very interested in how my own mind works
  • I’d be happy to go to a movie or out for a meal on my own
  • I am able to use logic well
  • I’m a good speller
  • I’m confident and realistic about my own abilities
  • Good literacy is an important requirement for me
  • I always remember the sum if someone owes me money without having to write it down, even after quite some time
  • I pay attention to news of events that could affect my wellbeing, but I don’t worry about them
  • I am good at number puzzles
  • I am able to be very rational
  • I’m very good at remembering facts
  • I have a strong drive to better myself
  • I have a high IQ
  • Being different from the crowd doesn’t worry me
  • I read a lot
  • I easily remember phone numbers/ bank numbers etc.
  • I would have no real difficulty doing someone’s accounts
  • I feel strong, capable and competent
  • I never forget my passwords
  • I value information highly
  • I check my work for mistakes before sharing it with anyone
  • I have good self-esteem
  • I never forget important dates such as birthdays
  • I take responsibility for my own safety
  • I am a confident person
  • I am articulate and able to express my point of view clearly
  • I base my decisions on achieving success for myself as well as others
  • Happiness is about freedom


SCORE FOR SECTION D =-------------------------



Section E
  • I notice little details that others often miss
  • I can control what I pay attention to and for how long
  • I never buy insurance unless its illegal not to
  • I am not easily distracted
  • People often turn to me when there are decisions to be made
  • I have good discipline and can work steadily until a task is done
  • I am competent in situations that seem to make most people anxious, upset or stressed out
  • I am very good at strategy games
  • I don’t mind changes to my regular schedule
  • If I feel unpleasant, I can usually work out exactly what is bothering me
  • I seem to get more done in a day than the average person
  • I am able to save money when necessary
  • I am able to apply what I’ve learned to different situations
  • I develop templates, shortcuts or expedient standard procedures for routine tasks
  • I always learn from my mistakes
  • My life is full of options
  • I tend to plan things before doing them, but I am able to be spontaneous
  • When I hear about other people’s problems, solutions usually come to me
  • I almost always finish what I set out to do
  • I feel that I am pretty much in control of my life
  • I believe that to a large extent, life is what you make it
  • I use examples from the past to learn new skills in the present
  • I am a good negotiator
  • I can be discriminative when I need to
  • I never get bored
  • If you show me a picture of anyone I know, I can always put a name to the face
  • I am prepared to take calculated risks
  • I learn from my experiences
  • I find it easy to change; I am not ‘set in my ways’
  • I like to look at as much information as possible before making a decision
  • I am good at creating harmony between people
  • Before making a decision I like to consider possible outcomes
  • I’m confident in my ability to take care of myself
  • I make good plans and I stick to them
  • I do well in an unpredictable working environment
  • I can usually see more than one option in any situation
  • I very rarely get confused
  • I find it easy to prioritize my tasks
  • I have a broad range of interests and hobbies
  • Critical thinking is one of my strong suits


SCORE FOR SECTION E =-------------------



Now go on to part 2 below.





Part 2

[Proceed in exactly the same way as for part one, counting how many ‘yes’ scores you get for each section]


Section A
  • I sometimes use physical violence and fighting when it’s not really necessary in order to preserve my life
  • I’m very fussy about what I eat
  • I’ve had quite a few accidents
  • I sleep loads too much
  • I often trip or knock things over
  • Happiness depends on feeling physically satisfied
  • I take a lot of risks, usually because I’m bored
  • Rules are made to be broken
  • I’m clinically obese
  • I need coffee, tea, cigarettes or sugar to get me going in the mornings
  • I love watching sports like football or boxing, I get very excited
  • I don’t see anything wrong with giving somebody a slapping now and again
  • I find it very difficult to sit still for any length of time
  • Sex, drugs and rock & roll are all I’m interested in, but I do them all plenty
  • I get migraines or bad headaches often
  • When I’m upset I yell at people and sometimes hit them
  • My mates are more important to me than any sex partner
  • A massage would make me horny and I’d want sex
  • I need a lot of physical contact
  • I am a bit sex mad
  • I like to think I look tough
  • I’m hypersensitive to smell
  • I eat lots of ‘junk’ food and I’m probably overweight
  • When I get stressed out I eat too much
  • I like an excuse to give somebody a kicking
  • I have a very short temper
  • I’m hyperactive
  • I guess I’m quite clumsy
  • I am often quite aggressive
  • I throw, break, kick or punch things when I get angry
  • I love pornography
  • ‘Love’ is the same thing as sex really
  • I’m very military and precise in my movements
  • I would be happy to join the armed forces just to kick some ass
  • I seem to be accident-prone
  • I swear all the time and if people don’t like it, fuck them
  • I guess I’m a bit of a rebel
  • I couldn’t do a job where you have to sit still all day; I’d go crazy
  • I’d be happy to take any drug as long as it got me high
  • When I get worried I tend to drink too much or use drugs







Section B
  • I usually base decisions solely on my intuition
  • I couldn’t ever be monogamous; I don’t think it’s natural
  • I’m a bit of a drama queen
  • I feel guilty when I do something bad
  • I think I’m quite paranoid; I don’t really trust anyone
  • I get depressed fairly often
  • I have an anxiety disorder
  • I can get possessive about a sexual partner
  • I guess I could be described as ‘a bit manic’
  • I hate materialism; breadheads suck
  • I get jealous
  • When I’m upset I complain, or I cry a lot
  • I enjoy keeping pets
  • I hate silence; if I’m alone I don’t feel happy unless there’s music playing or a TV/radio on
  • I want to believe
  • I get very sentimental over cute things like fluffy puppies and babies and stuff
  • Happiness depends on luck, destiny or fate
  • When trying to get an object [e.g., car, big box] into a narrow space I can never tell whether it will fit or not just by looking
  • There is one particular band/TV show/actor that I am really crazy about
  • I’m an environmental activist
  • I’m very religious and/or superstitious, or I believe in the paranormal
  • I use drugs or alcohol almost all of the time
  • I get embarrassed easily
  • People tell me I overreact to minor problems
  • When I’m upset I seek the company of friends
  • I’m a very sentimental person
  • I get bored often
  • I get obsessed with people if I’m attracted to them
  • The love you feel for a child is not the same love you feel for a sex partner
  • I have nightmares
  • I have in the past or now do suffer from schizophrenia
  • I have panic attacks
  • Happiness depends on being in harmony with nature
  • I have some really bad relationships
  • My mood swings are extreme
  • I go on protest marches for causes I believe in
  • On the whole I dislike technology
  • I am quite an anxious person; I worry a lot
  • I’m into loads of ‘new age’ stuff
  • I believe that humans were far wiser in the ancient past




Section C
  • I am a good, straight, upright, god-fearing person
  • I think I’m actively conservative
  • I have, or think I may have, bipolar disorder
  • Stealing is always wrong
  • Children shouldn’t have the same rights as adults, obviously
  • I don’t trust strangers, especially foreigners
  • I suppose I am quite predictable
  • When I’m worried, I try to solve things through legal channels
  • I think an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work is one of the finest things in life
  • Most people have accidents because they don’t follow safety rules enough
  • I consider myself a patriot
  • I think monogamy is vital in a sexual relationship; partners should be faithful
  • I believe that school days are the happiest days of your life
  • Happiness depends on fitting in with your society, your neighbors, and the  economy
  • I’m probably a bit sexist
  • I think it’s important to make children fit in with society at an early age
  • I wouldn’t let my teenage kids stay out late
  • I think law-enforcement is very important
  • I believe that you have to work to live
  • When I feel bad it’s usually somebody else’s fault
  • I have strong political opinions
  • I don’t think old people should have equal rights
  • I know we’re all sinners, but I do my best to be a good person
  • When I’m in conflict with someone I use the law or company policy to resolve it
  • I am strictly honest with everyone even if it gets me into trouble
  • I don’t think women should have equal rights to men
  • Happiness depends on a good job, friendly neighbors, and a faithful partner by your side
  • I respect authority
  • I don’t believe in sex before marriage
  • I have been accused of being racist
  • I believe that humans will not change much in the future
  • I think it’s very important to vote in elections
  • I believe homosexuality is wrong
  • I go to church/temple/mosque/synagogue etc. regularly
  • I think it is important to discipline children with smacking if they’re naughty
  • I think it’s fair to shoot people for trespassing
  • I believe we should enforce the death penalty for serious crime
  • I support the military
  • I think people on welfare are just lazy scroungers or drug addicts
  • I think it is very important that criminals are punished




Section D
  • I’m a materialist; money is very important to me
  • When I see something I want, I can’t think of anything else till I get it
  • I guess I’m a bit of a snob
  • I’m very strict about my appearance and always look tidy
  • I believe that asking others for help is a sign of weakness
  • I’m not easy to get to know
  • I worry a lot about what other people will think of me
  • I think I’m extraordinarily good looking
  • I need to be the centre of attention
  • People say I’m arrogant
  • When I’m upset with someone I sulk, stonewall them or refuse to see them
  • I interrupt people a lot
  • I’m always trying to draw attention to myself
  • I wouldn’t employ someone if they had no qualifications, even if they had experience
  • I’m very self-interested
  • Happiness depends on your status
  • I tend to criticise other people a lot
  • I could read well by the age of six
  • I never share anything unless I have to
  • I always analyse things in a reductionistic manner
  • I would love to be famous
  • I hate it when people don’t notice me
  • I think IQ is very important
  • I have been called miserly, mean with money, or a tightass
  • Happiness is being the centre of admiring attention
  • I think of myself as better than most people
  • Happiness depends on how clever you are
  • I never lend money or goods to anyone for any reason
  • I spend a great deal of money and time on my appearance
  • I get on better with machines than people
  • I seek friendships with certain people only in order to improve my social status
  • I believe that humans will be much wiser in the future
  • I am rarely able to stop thinking about my problems
  • I have or think I may have an obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • I’m probably a very domineering individual
  • There are so many things great about me I can’t understand why anyone would dislike me
  • I don’t care about others, I just look after myself
  • 'Every man for himself' could be my motto
  • Happiness depends on how much money you’ve got
  • When someone suggests a new project, my first thoughts are ‘what’s in it for me?




Section E
  • I’m pretty disorganized even though I always seem to be tidying up
  • I double book appointments because I forget what I’m doing and when
  • I think I’m quite stubborn
  • I’m a control freak
  • When I resolve to achieve something, I run into obstacles that keep me from reaching my goals
  • I’m very impulsive
  • I worry about the future all the time
  • I procrastinate
  • Happiness depends on controlling everybody else in your life
  • I worry a lot about the possible repercussions of events before they’ve even happened
  • No matter how much I accomplish, I have a nagging feeling that I should be doing more
  • Happiness is having life all worked out and under control
  • I try to do too many things at once
  • I buy stuff I don’t really want, on impulse
  • I am easily distracted by noise
  • It’s a waste of time to try and talk me out of my decisions
  • I’m not content to do anything unless I’m responsible for everything
  • I change things all the time, trying to get them ‘just right’, but I’m rarely satisfied
  • I spend so much time planning things I never have time to do them
  • People never seem to understand my explanations even when they’re really detailed
  • I am never satisfied I have enough information to make decisions
  • When I plan something I always think of lots of worst case scenarios and get put off the idea
  • I do now or have in the past suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • I’m very impatient
  • I spend a lot of time planning revenge against enemies
  • I’m a megalomaniac
  • I can never seem to explain anything in a simple manner
  • Happiness depends on power
  • I always make sure I get my own way
  • I always seem to overcomplicate things somehow
  • I am or have been addicted to gambling /strategy games
  • I think spontaneity is far too dangerous, people never consider all the risks
  • I always plan how to chat someone up before I make the attempt
  • I feel I have to have absolute control over my own life
  • I think I’d have to learn to read music before I could play a musical instrument
  • I wouldn’t visit anywhere unless I knew a lot about the place
  • I’d love to be the king of a country
  • I have to be in a position of authority at work or I can’t handle it
  • I really lose my temper when others fail to keep appointments
  • I always tell people how to solve their problems but they don’t usually act on  my advice




Then go on to part three below.




Part 3

Warning -be careful here! -Many of the questions in this part are stated in the negative form; [beginning with “I don’t…”] To avoid confusion, please remember that you are marking with a ‘yes’ those statements that are true for you, i.e., “I don’t have a very good memory” should get a ‘Y’ only if you agree that you don’t have a very good memory.


Section A
  • I’m very rarely physically active
  • I have very little interest in sport
  • I have a bad posture
  • Food never seems to taste very interesting to me
  • I couldn’t care less what I look like
  • I have no sense of smell, or a very limited one
  • I don’t like physical contact, it makes me uncomfortable
  • I have a hearing problem
  • I’m not a very sensual person
  • I don’t really care how fit I am
  • I’m very tired most of the time
  • I rarely face the unknown, I guess I’m not a risk-taker
  • I can’t be bothered to exercise
  • I usually forget to clean my teeth and stuff like that
  • I don’t have very much interest in sex
  • I never think about my health unless I’m ill
  • I can’t dance
  • My physical health is poor
  • I’m afraid of the dark
  • I have frequent physical ailments or infections
  • I rarely do anything athletic
  • I have a physical disability
  • Given the choice, I would rather leave physical work to others
  • I wash only when I have to, for work/school or whatever
  • I find it difficult to learn physical stuff like swimming or riding a bike
  • I think my ‘get up and go’ has got up and gone; I’m always tired
  • I have no sense of rhythm
  • I don’t have good balance and I fall over sometimes
  • I can’t handle ticking clocks and noises like that
  • I have a muscular or joint disorder
  • I have aches and pains most of the time
  • I feel uneasy when I’m not at a comfortable room temperature
  • I can’t catch a thrown ball very easily
  • In my normal posture, my fists are usually clenched
  • I have poor temperature control and I get too hot or too cold easily
  • My eyesight is crap
  • I’m scared of heights
  • I’m definitely not acrobatic
  • I find it hard to clap in time to music
  • I never do the washing-up or ironing or stuff like that




Section B
  • I don’t like listening to stories read aloud; it bores me
  • I’m not a very emotional person
  • I just can’t read maps
  • I lose things often cos I forget where I put them
  • I have no idea what color my own bathroom floor is without going to look
  • I don’t understand poetry, it seems like nonsense to me
  • I get lost easily in unfamiliar surroundings
  • I don’t have much of an imagination
  • I rarely or never read fiction
  • I think fantasy movies are pointless
  • I couldn’t care less about global warming theories
  • I don’t think I’ve ever really loved anyone
  • I have trouble following directions
  • Natural beauty never really moves me
  • I am agoraphobic [fear open spaces]
  • I’m claustrophobic [fear enclosed spaces]
  • I can never remember faces
  • I have no interest in ecology or environmental issues
  • I never dream, or at least I can’t remember them
  • I am pretty ‘cold’ emotionally
  • I don’t really notice paintings
  • I know I am or think I might be autistic
  • I feel uneasy when friends or relatives hug or kiss me
  • I have no desire to visit other countries
  • I find it hard to learn by mimicking or copying others
  • I never or very rarely show physical affection for my loved ones
  • I rarely listen to music
  • I don’t see the point in flowers as a gift
  • I guess happiness is pretty much down to chance
  • I never feel very strongly about anything
  • I don’t understand emotional people
  • The ‘great outdoors’ doesn’t interest me
  • I never fantasize, and I find it hard to ‘pretend’ things
  • I can’t do jigsaw puzzles
  • I don’t ever get really excited
  • Myth and legend seems pointless to me
  • I’ve got no interest in animals or insects or that sort of thing
  • I have a bad memory
  • I just don’t ‘get’ spirituality or mysticism
  • I never feel really motivated to get into anything




Section C
  • I’m not a very creative person
  • I enjoy work that requires little or no original thought
  • If something breaks at home [e.g., plumbing, electrics, a window], I normally call someone in to fix it
  • I just don’t seem to be able to make friends with most people
  • I very rarely or never laugh out loud
  • I'm not at all dexterous
  • I tend to get stuck in a rut I suppose
  • I never design or make original things
  • I couldn’t write a story, I wouldn’t know where to start
  • I type very badly; I find it quite hard
  • I don’t talk to people much
  • I can never remember the words to songs
  • I’m shy, or sociophobic [fear people and/or socializing]
  • Large social gatherings exhaust me/freak me out
  • I’m not very good with my hands
  • I don’t think aesthetic taste is important
  • I hesitate to offer my opinions if I think others might disagree
  • I have no interest in puzzles
  • I don’t ‘get’ most jokes
  • I’m crap at mechanical tasks
  • I’m not any good at solving problems
  • I’m completely hopeless at DIY
  • I don’t care what color clothes I wear
  • I never reply to letters from family or friends
  • I’m no good at fine manual work with small tools
  • I don’t have much of a sense of humor
  • I can’t play any musical instrument at all
  • I’m crap at maths
  • I don’t get on well with computers, I don’t understand them
  • I’ve never written anything, fiction or non-fiction
  • I have no interest in other cultures
  • I’m hopeless at fiddly little manipulative tasks
  • I never wonder about why things are the way they are
  • I avoid contests and competitions
  • I’m not innovative
  • When it comes to sex I’m not experimental
  • I don’t care how my home is decorated or what colors it is
  • I’m not interested in art
  • I’m technophobic [fear technology]
  • I don’t try out many new things




Section D
  • I couldn’t care less what other people think of me
  • I can’t learn foreign languages at all
  • I don’t think about myself very much
  • I’m a loner
  • I’m just not an intellectual
  • When there is something unpleasant to do I try and avoid it
  • I can’t spell
  • I have a speech impediment
  • I can’t do crosswords
  • I can never think of anything to say to people
  • I never use logic to work anything out
  • I don’t really care much about myself
  • I have a lower than average IQ
  • I’m not interested in intellectual stuff
  • I find it hard to follow other people’s logic
  • I can’t add up
  • Language is not my strong point
  • I can’t remember my own telephone number
  • I have no confidence
  • I don’t understand people who use loads of long words
  • I often don’t know what day it is
  • I never compare myself to other people
  • I’m not bothered what I look like
  • I guess I’m a bit of a loser
  • I never remember facts and figures
  • I don’t care about status
  • I’m not a great thinker
  • I like to celebrate special occasions alone
  • I never read
  • I’m not a very effective person
  • I’m not a logical thinker
  • Some people say I’m irrational
  • I probably couldn’t get any academic qualifications
  • I’m not very articulate
  • I never seem to be able to think straight
  • I don’t think I’m as smart as most people
  • I always forget birthdays
  • I find it difficult to explain things in words
  • I’m dyslexic
  • There are so many things wrong with me I just can’t like myself




Section E
  • I have trouble paying attention
  • I never tidy up unless I have to
  • I rarely get things finished that I’ve started
  • I’m hopeless at saving money
  • I often don’t notice what’s going on around me
  • I don’t have much ‘staying power’
  • I get confused easily
  • I don’t understand analogies
  • I am absent-minded
  • I don’t really set goals, I just sort of live from day to day
  • If I feel bad, I find it really hard to work out what’s bothering me
  • I can never make my mind up about anything
  • I’m often surprised when things turn out badly because I didn’t expect it
  • I never think about the future consequences of my actions
  • I never plan things before doing them
  • I feel that I am never in control of my life
  • I never seem to learn from my mistakes
  • I am not a good negotiator
  • Metaphors baffle me
  • Most of the time I don’t really think about any consequences of what I’m doing
  • I find it very difficult to work to deadlines
  • I find it hard to concentrate for very long
  • I never know what I’ll want to be doing next month
  • I don’t really see any way to solve my problems
  • I’m hopeless at working out a plan of action or strategy
  • I always seem to say or do the wrong thing
  • I often feel I cannot cope
  • I can never stick to a routine
  • Before making a decision I don’t think about possible outcomes
  • I’m not confident in my ability to take care of myself
  • I don’t see any point in making plans
  • I can never see my best course of action clearly
  • I don’t have much discipline
  • I don’t think about the future
  • Things never work out as I thought they would
  • I don’t do well in an unpredictable working environment
  • I can hardly ever see more than one option in any situation
  • I don’t find it easy to prioritize my tasks
  • I can’t handle responsibility
  • Critical thinking is not one of my strong suits





What you should now have is a set of notes on your FA sheet that look something like this [we have filled our own numbers in from another student’s assessment to give you an example; everyone’s will be different, some very different!]:





Believe it or not, this is all the information you need for a full overall functional analysis of the state of your brain. To find out what to do with these numbers, how to fill in the rest of your assessment sheet and interpret all your hard work, move on to the next tutorial.



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